Stuff about scarecrows and other stuff

stuff about scarecrows

I’m pretty sure scarecrows will spawn in the farms which is kinda obvious i’m not sure what the level will be for it it wont be level 3 because according to whale scarecrows models are just slapped onto a baby shroom i’m speculating that they will be level 10-13 maybe because goblins are level 9 i’m assuming that it will be level 12 sorta filling in the gap but who knows they might be just training dummies and level 3 hopefully they will fill in the level gap between 10 - 15 maybe they’ll be higher then spiders.


spiderlings will be level 18 as you can see from this picture Screenshot_15 they are smaller weaker versions of spiders but they are higher level and i’m pretty sure they will stay level 18 because no mobs are level 18 you can’t really tell what color they are but instead of purple eyes they have light blue eyes and they are sorta gray or white on the thorax and on the legs and the head was black they will most likely be summoned by the Spider queen sorta like minions in a way.


we’ve all seen what a rubee looks like but for those who haven’t seen what a rubee looks like Screenshot_18 i could not find what level it is but if anyone knows please let me know.

lol no grammar allowed also this is a speculation

Wait what… you posted an actual post that makes sense…


Spiderlings are just smaller spiders with a deadlier bite

but i’m pretty sure they have less health

Yeah, of course