Stuck in the abyss of my guild hall, forever

This is actually insane, I’m stuck falling down forever. There is no escape. Please help (I would have a video but it’s too long) basically when I went to the guild hall in port fidelio, I kept falling WAYYYY out of the map, I kept falling and respawning, I had to leave the game to get to nilgarf. Runes don’t work, either.

me too fam.
we need this fixed asap.

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just rejoin because it’ll automatically send you back to the city where your hall’s located

This happened to me too, just relog.

Again, another necrobump. If you see it’s old, and people have already figured it out or gotten it reported, don’t reply.

It’s only a necrobump if it’s no longer relevant. This is still quite relevant (don’t even try for Tree of Life Guild Hall).