Stuck In New Adventure As A Level 40

When I Was About To Get On The Boat To Forsaken With @CrazyCatsVesteria, I Could only see my 1st slot (Trickster lvl 48 for those curious) so i clicked on my other slots which had shown up as “Load” (the new adventure screen when making a new slot) When I tried to load into scallop shores it put me on the wagon in new adventure and here we are.
Video :point_down:

Try uploading the video to a video converter.

Like Wevideo??

How Would I Input It?

@berezaa, @Davidii i put in this video to show you some buggy glitch that keeps happening
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Imagine being able to kill chad by yourself and no rangers to leech. What a lucky fellow

I Didn’t Get Any Loot?

still you got to kill chad

True :joy: I guess i look on the brightside

I was kinda expecting more than one chad to spawn tbh

Any level 1 Probably couldn’t even beat chad, none the less get to him

Even if you kill every other mob and put all points into strength, you still do barely a sliver of his hp

Patience and practice. I think it’s time for me to try to beat it entirely. That would be something to see… Coming out of A New Adventure with like 5 levels.

You really had to necrobump didn’t you…

w h y

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It’s not a necrobump, this is still a possible glitch and not to mention it’s kinda awesome ngl.

1.) Just because you say it isn’t a necrobump doesn’t excuse it as not a necrobump

2.) They’ve quite clearly resolved the issue and it has been reported in the tester chat. Please stop necrobumping old, irrelevant posts.

First, post is not marked as resolved.

Also, I cannot see tester chat, and this is actually kinda awesome.

Awww that’s so sad, but where’s the part where I cared?

Your statement of this is kinda awesome doesn’t help at all btw. Plus my point of this being a month old post still stands. Please stop necrobumping.

Stop fighting @meta can you close this topic?