Strength Mages: The Extra Updated Guide


Hello, and thanks your taking some time to read my post.
If you haven’t read it already, here’s the original post I recommend you read it before reading the rest of this post, which I made to cover the newest information regarding the build mentioned in this post. Powerful warlock build

The art of Strength Maging, Muscle Wizardry, or as we will call it for the rest of the post, “Warmaging”, is a complicated one. Despite what you’d think, the wizard warlock who favors brawn over brain takes a lot more skill and planning to succeed with. If you make a warmage build, you will truly be a crude conjurer.

As a warmage, there are only 4 spells that matter to you.

The first of which gains a new power when you adopt the warmage mantra.
When you obtain at least 30 strength and more than half of your points are in strength your blink spell becomes extra sharp, and causes horrific pain to anything you blink through.

The two of your spells gained from the warlock book known as dark pulse and simulacrum, are used differently than other mages. Dark pulse slows down enemies by 45% and can be casted right before your simulacrum detonates, allowing your simulacrum’s physical damage explosion to make contact with faster targets. With enough upgrades into them, and enough raw strength, your simulacrum becomes a powerful weapon with a low mana cost and a short cooldown.
The pulse-detonate combo doesn’t work on players though, which is why it isn’t used in the clip below.

Your most powerful spell is sonic bomb. Once you hit the skill modifying threshold of 30 strength, magic bomb is replaced with a new spell called Sonic bomb. Sonic bomb features a slightly lower base damage, in exchange for a LOT of upgrades. When casting sonic bomb, you shoot out a mana torpedo that has a reduced cooldown, piercing, increased velocity, and range. An additional explosion occurs each time the torpedo pierces through an enemy, allowing for very high amounts of damage to groups.

I can faithfully say that warmaging is now viable since sonic bomb, which is mentioned above was implemented. Please note that sonic bomb and blink strike are currently bugged, and scale off of INT. This will hopefully be fixed soon.


This build uses the following stats.
138 STR 1 VIT 5 INT 0 DEX.
When using the items this guide was built with, the build has:
168 STR 36 VIT -3 INT 15 DEX

(Fierce stingtail staff with +15 STR from scrolls, +35 VIT from archeomagus robes, +15 STR and +15 DEX from ratking bucket with 70% scrolls on it)

This build is pretty straight-forward, but there is one cursed item that will ruin your warmage build if you try to use it. The chitin scythe. It converts basic attacks to scale off of intelligence, instead of strength.
Make sure that you have at least 30 strength and that more than half of those points are in strength, or else you’ll lose access to sonic bomb! This is very important.


Pretty neat and all but I wouldn’t recommend for pvp. Warriors with their tanky hp and high melee damage can kill you if you aren’t quick enough. Hunters and other mages have their ranged attacks that can kill you quickly too. All around pretty much useless in pvp unless you choose your targets selectively (assuming there are many people (which there usually aren’t)) and are very good/have quick reaction time to pull this off. Pretty good for Pve if you don’t plan on grinding bosses anytime soon

Just a thought, but when homing bombs come out with vit, will that bleed into the stat build for a strength mage right now?

is this the base stats or is there another additional stats to it?

Those are the stats combined with items.
Fierce stingtail staff, yeti boots, archeologist robes, archeologist hat.

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This is exactly what I was thinking, the GIF above shows someone that is not moving, and this is a lengthy strategy that takes a while. Someone can easily intervene with your combo by something like a ground slam, a dash, or even just going invisible.

However, this is viable for PVE, interesting use of the staff.

Bumped, with permission from meta. The post being updated is considered relevant.

I just read this through, wouldn’t 0 Dex mean losing that 1 stamina?

You can engage targets from pretty far away. You’ll be much stronger in close quarters, but you get a luxury that other mages don’t get in the form of sonic bomb.

Don’t be afraid to modify the build to your tastes though!


Welp looks like imma need to buy a stat reset tome. Also since I maxed out every skill except for blink I might have to replace it with another skill. Do you guys recommend adding at least 1-10 stat points into everything besides strength?

Not a warmage, but 10 dex gives speed and an extra stamina point.

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No i dont think so cause it should remove the sonic bomb effect

You get 15 dex from ratking bucket

can you get sonic bomb as a mage

Yes of course

Yes str needs to be higher then int

Excellent guide!

oh god oh man
Everyone quick, protest!

Actually, did good idea, make simcrulum so default dance, then explode :smiley:

Now I know strength mages might become extinct due to the warlock rework but does the perk spore cloud from the mushroom staff go well with the warmage build?