Streaming Enabled Quick Test Bugs/Issues

Shun = Shunpo dash ability

  1. Shun can still activate on death, does no damage, but moves character
  2. Shun can cause player to clip through walls, perhaps a check for any part in-between the distance traveled?
  3. Challenged Players have no way of finding their combatant
  4. Challenged Players can PVP forever with one another, once they both challenge, it’s not turned off
  5. DEX doesn’t seem to dodge during PVP attacks
  6. Despite what you guys thought, trying to access teleporting doors didn’t break anything
  7. Challenging a player doesn’t persist if one leaves the game, implementing a system like this may need penalties if a player leaves a match etc.
  8. Shun seems overpowered at it’s current rate for the Hunter class (i.e does same damage as main but in a line has low cooldown has low mana cost)
    8a. I’d recommend a 8 or 10 mana cost instead of the current one
  9. Shop is entirely broken, even when buying something (and hovering over every single inventory slot) to try to find it it doesn’t work, but this probably is expected.
  10. If you try to use Shun while falling, it doesn’t work, also at certain camera angles (i.e looking directly down causes the ability not to move the player at all, maybe because where the location of the ability locks onto is determined by player camera and not rotation of the torso of the player?).