Str and dex for mage?

is str and dex for mage a waste? i put points into them when i just started, can i still be a good mage?

I believe you can still be a good mage, you can be an “attack mage”.

Choosing the Warlock subclass later on when sub classes get released, would be a good route for you.

thanks bro


These are the planned future Mage sub classes in case you were wondering:

wow thats super awesome!

so strength and dex will make a warlock stronger?

also for some reason my zap ability isnt working

That will be fixed in the new update (I think it’s releasing tonight, hopefully.)

ty very much

You should probably know that in the future when the classes and sub-classes are fleshed out, clicking won’t really appear anymore in the game, and skills will be more dominant (berezaa said so himself in stream.)

Strength does NOT boost magic attacks in any way, while dex only increases magic damage at 17.5% the effectiveness of adding points into intelligence. (Also as of right now there is no formula for magic and ranged damage criticals)

Basically, intelligence and MAYBE vitality is what you should go for. You don’t need dexterity as long as you don’t reach 0 stamina and spam blink, and strength will become pretty much useless in the future.


damn rip

so is there a way to refund u points if u screwed up, or are u just screwed forever?

They plan on adding a way to respec points later on.

aight hopefully it doesnt cost real money lol

yeah that’s a waste
the outcome for that is
drumroll please

a hunter

lol darn i didnt know when i was new, ty tho

i feel like they should make some subclasses like close up mages benefit from strength tho