STR absolutely dominates PvP

Earlier, I decided I was a tough Warrior and could beat the first hunter, @TheInsanePizzaFace, who was level 30. I was level 24 with 48 STR and 24 DEX so I thought I was built up buff. I sparred against Pizza, and it turned out I was a fricking toy because I barely dealt any damage and I took massive damage from their attacks. They used Execute on me and half my health bar was gone. I believe when I used my 10/10 Lunge Uppercut on Pizza it dealt 73 dmg (somehow they have 71 STR), which is basically insignificant. My basic attack did like 30 dmg, while their’s did around 100 dmg. Is STR extremely OP or something cuz this just seems unusual. #WarriorsStillMasterRace

It’s already been stated that strength is going to be nerfed. I believe the nerf is they’re getting rid of physical resistance in general, and its just attack damage? But im not 100% sure on that.

Strength is clearly op, i went all dex because i wanted 100% crit and hopefully 100% dodge and i dealt 1 damage to this guy who was a few levels away from me who went all strength, even with his armour off. I feel your pain…

STR IS currently broken. I tried to explain it in this post. STR needs to be looked at and/or reworked.

I’m Pretty Sure Poly Said Something Like They’ll Get Rid Of The Magical Resistance That STR Gives. This Is Because A Mage VS A Warrior Is Unfair Since STR Also Decreases The Damage Of Magical Attacks.