**STOP** (+15characters)

Ok I have seen way too much arguing on these forums, and yes, I have argued with people on here too, but I’m sick and tired of every time I get on here I get mad at some random person I don’t know. So I’m making this topic to tell everybody to stop arguing. If you and somebody else have opposing opinions, you can talk them out calmly and maturely. So just stop arguing about every little thing. As of when I’m making this, specifically you TheInsanePizzaFace. If you don’t like me putting your name on it, when you stop arguing so much I’ll edit and remove it.


this doesn’t help at all

your point being?

that you’re exacerbating the problem and not actually doing anything helpful, there does not need to be an entire new thread about an argument that didn’t matter and doesn’t need to be brought up again

Ok well I appreciate your opinion but I still stand by my original post.

aaaaaaaand i dont see none since i have always been on off topic.

you are our lord and savior