Stone monster in #sneaky-peaks

So in the discord server Polymorphic posted a picture of a stone that became a monster. Honestly the transition looks so smooth and the enemy looks great! I wonder if the monster is going to be a higher level than spiders. What do you think about the monster?

The clip:

Judging from the reactions i suppose there will be a new desert-like map with wasps and rock elementals. Probably will be a level 19+ map, can’t wait.

Looks cool. Hopefully it’s a higher leveled mob than the Spiders

Also a good tip since you seem new:
You can edit your posts/topic if you need to fix or add something like that link you posted.

I was aware, I just didn’t think of it at the time, thank you though.

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Finally we can farm something other than spiders! well, not yet but…

Omg! It’s confirmed! I saw that a long time ago on twitter and I’m so happy they are finally adding it! :star_struck:

it was confirmed ages ago but ok

its supposed to be my job to make these…
oh well.

well anyways the new rock dude seems to be reeealll cool with its animations…
but the real question is. what LVL will it be…

I think level 20 maybe…

@Meta said that it would be in a level 19+ desert area, so I think it’s safe to assume it will be level 19 or above.

Yeah, and all of the mob levels are odd, so one could assume either level 17, 19, or 21.

It seems like the levels started at 1 then every other level was an enemy, then it goes from 9 straight to 15.

hopefully they don’t spend time making a lvl 13 mob

Yeah, that would be disappointing for any players past level 15, though helpful for new players. Though in the sneak peak Polymorphic said “While traveling, remember not to walk next to any suspicious piles of rocks. It just might be your last.” so I assume the enemy will be higher level.

this stone monster reminds me of the Storm Atronach from skyrim


I’d say that these stone monster would have high defense against rusty weapons or wood weapons, and have low-medium resistance to magic (because they’re stone), if not they probably have 1.2k hp or 1.5k hp.





stoning intensifies


You can see a Wasp in the background, I just realized!

The Company would like to buy three of these stoning machines for… personal reasons…

Uh oh…

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