Still selling stuff but with more stuff

Spider Fang Dagger (+10) 200s (I used only 70% scrolls on it)
Royal Fang (Clean) 300s
Webbed Staff (Clean) 250s
Fishing Rod 4g
Tuaa Bow (Clean) 300s
Moko Dagger (Clean) 300s
Tuaa Staff (Clean) 250s
Moko Club (Clean) 300s
Moko Maul (Clean) 250s
Rat King Bucket 100s
Pirate Hat (Dyed Red) 100s
Mushroom Dagger (Clean) 150s
Mogkolo Mask 1.2g
Ratty Vests 200s

Red Dyes
Cursed Defense Scrolls

Discord- Cen#1079
IGN- Censored_Random

You arent even selling a Tiki Weapon

and is that a problem?

why is fishing rod so expensive
I duped one like 4 months ago lol but i couldnt replicate it so i get no robux :frowning:

rod is so expensive because it’s no long obtainable since crabby den got removed

what i dont remember it being a drop wgat

since when?

Since a long time ago

that 1/10,000 chance is no more because monster book says so :clown_face:

This is really irrelevant to my topic…

im justifying your rod price

how so?

proving that it’s unobtainable

you can stop now

thanks I guess?

next time dont complain, you’re welcome

things just got a bit off topic… :confused:

spider fang +2 lol

yeah I put a 70% scroll on it

If then so, can I buy the 2 Moko Club for 1 fishing rod? (If you have 2)

can I buy that spider dagger