Stick to 45 :v ( Post will be updated)

So everyone wanted me to just compile all the logs into one topic. So imma make this topic with all the logs and it will be updated when i make progress. Since not everything is clear I’ll explain stuff.

  1. I took inspiration from @AnswerRemoved (sorry for ping). His original post will be listed below.
  2. You can check out my orignal post on this (link at bottom)
  3. I’ll just leave the other logs as they are (linked below.)
  4. Updates will be sporadic
  5. I Guess I’ll be streaming on discord for now since everyone wanted me to.
    :warning: progress will be slower since I main on mobile. :warning:
  6. I’ll be revising everything since I changed my mind on some stuff.

Okay, now that we’re done with that, I’ll explain the challenge and the rules.
The challenge is for me to get to lvl 45 with just an unupgraded stick with no armor.

Gear Rules

  • You are not allowed to use any weapon besides an unupgraded stick.
  • You are not allowed to use armour of any sort.
  • You are not allowed to use any pets.
  • Using scrolls is not allowed

Level/EXP Rules

  • Applying any stat points is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to apply any skill points.
  • You are not allowed to join parties.
  • You are not allowed to join a faction.
  • You are not allowed to start or complete any quests.
  • You are not allowed to autoclick to farm mobs.

Item Rules

  • You are not allowed to buy or sell any items in shops
  • You are not allowed to trade with other users
  • You are not allowed to accept drop donations
  • Any items picked up which are dropped from other players are to be returned, donated or disposed of.
  • You are not allowed to use the storage/bank
  • You are not allowed to open chests

That’s it for the rules I Guess. They might be changed but I’ll make sure to state that it has been changed. Logs will be listed below.
(This post is gonna be really long)

Log 1

Finally got time to play Vesteria. Didn’t play for long though (only about 15mins).
Soo, I started the challenge. First thing that I noticed was that I was alone. Went and killed about 3 babies. Then I couldn’t fine anymore. And as I was alone, they weren’t spawning. So I tried to kill a normie shroom, got 2 shotted quick. Finally killed it after like a few minutes. Not worth it. The exp gain was incredibly small compared to the effort needed to kill it. So, I had to use my last resort. Killed chickens. Yeah. Leveled up once. I haven’t assigned my stat points yet. What should it be? Sorry this post is a bit low effort just a bit tired. Might improve tmrw or something.

Update: should I get double slash? And should I be allowed to use a different variant of stick (e.g. fierce stick) if I get it as a mob drop from treemuk?

  • Get double slash
  • Do not get double slash.

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  • Can use stick variant
  • No use stick variant

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Ok seems like an obvious win for each so polls have been closed. (Go to orignal post to check the polls)
First post

AnswerRemoved’s original post which has the rules and stuff

Log 2

Same thing as the other log. Played Vesteria for a while. Reached lvl 5. Killed some shrooms. Died a few times.
Ive decided that I won’t be putting any stat points or getting any skills. One day I’ll post a picture or two.
I’ve made some good progress. I didn’t get double slash Nor have I assigned any stat points.
On a side note: The big number ‘20’ at the side of my screen is as nice as the message that pops up every time I enter the game.

@1noob recommends that I just wanna edit one post with all the logs? Think I should do that? Or should I make a post for each log so as to not get confused and find the logs easier? (The new logs will be on ‘new’ section.) Also have plans to compile the logs in the end anyways (I’d rather do that :v.) (if/when I reach 45).

  • All logs one topic?
  • One log per topic?

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(Check original post for the poll)
log 1

First post

AnswerRemoved’s original post which has the rules and stuff 1


If you don’t think I actually do this, I go live on discord every time I try to make progress


log 1

First post

AnswerRemoved’s original post which has the rules and stuff 1

Log 2

Really don’t want to have to have to close this but it’ll have to be postponed for now until I can get a youtube channel running (for proof) and once I’m more free.

Good luck, soldier.

What do you do to grind like this, what are some tips

Im not gonna discontinue this permanently but Im not really into Vesteria as much and usually when I have free time I do not really play it anymore. That is why I’ll just be playing on the slot and making progress (I’ll be following challenge rules). I will not be posting much on this post (or on the forums) but Ill occasionally play on this slot. This is probably the last you’ll here of this (and me (at least for a while) so bye. ( I probably look at the forums once in a while). Last off, I’ll just say that I’m augmenting the challenge. Ill allow my self to put stat points and the such but no gear. I’m doing this to allow myself to feel a bit less bored so I can continue. Sorry if it feels like I’m ripping you all of but yeah. If I ever get back into Vesteria maybe Ill continue from its original state.