Stiching, a new way to make a profit

Recently on the fourms people have been discussing a way for Berezaa and the Vesteria team to make money. So I thought i’d give it a go.

What is stiching?
Stiching is when you have the looks of one item and having the stats of another. (Works with any helmet, chest piece, and leggings).

How does it work
Go to the person somewhere in the map (maybe Nilgarf or some other place), select the gear you want it to look like and the gear with the stats you want. Once you are ready click stich and the item you want it to look like will be named the item with the stats.

I have 2 helmets, a Nightstrider Helmet, with the stats I want, and Aviator Cap, with the looks I want. I go to the person who stiches items and click stich. In the box that says ‘Looks’ I select the Aviator Cap. Then in the box that says ‘Stats’ I choose the Nightstrider Helmet. I press stich and pay how much Ethyr or in game currency it would cost. When I go into my inventory my helmet would be titled ‘Nightstrider Helmet’, it would have the stats of the ‘Nightstrider Helmet’, but it would have the appearance of the ‘Aviator Cap’.

Note, this is my take on how Berezaa and the Vesteria team could make a profit off the game.

I love games with stitching! It gives you those hilarious moments when someone looks like a threat but in reality they are a stick wielding maniac with no armor in colo.

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or a stick maniac but then whoops he raises it up and you’re struck with lightning :flushed:

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For how it messes up PvP a bit it makes up for in comedic moments.

I was more leaning to a lvl 45 duel stick and guard shoulder pads.

I’m imagining running around in the colo with a sick with the stats of a moko club and a a straw vest and straw hat with the stats of glad armor chasing lvl 30 players around the arena “NONE SHAL ESACPE THE WRATH OF THE STICK!”

And how many people wouldnt want to do that? Its a great opportunity for the devs in my eyes.

I need this so I can look like I’m wielding my steel sword. Living with the ugliness of a Moko Club is a war crime.

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I really like the way this could work. Would be really interesting in Vesteria.

You my friend has made a war crime I use moko club?!? How could you. Everyone know that the stick is the best weapon (I wonder. If the stick had more upgrade slot, I would all ancient scroll it)

This is a great idea! Very creative and fun, but based on what I’ve heard berezaa say previously, I doubt he’d add something that’s basically a cosmetic into the game, but we’ll see!

You have my vote (if I had any left…) :neutral_face:

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Thanks, that really means a lot.

Though, in a more serious note:

You shouldn’t be able to cheat by making it so you look like a warrior but then you’re actually a mage. The amount of confusion should not be as high as “What faction is that?” but rather “How powerful is he?”.

It would make confusion for new players, especially if this game becomes free and can’t afford to pay for the stitch and have no idea how the older players used thundercall with a bow

So stick to faction equipment can look like another equipment but of the same kind (All equipment that can be used by all factions should also be limited. No sticks for staffs or daggers please)

Thats what I said in my guild discord server I was thinking of it being class specific but bere adding more gear into the game.

or how about to limit potentially more confusion, make it so only “Vanity items”, which are items that aren’t ever real equipment but simply items that are only only used for vanity (like a biggo greatsword or some goodon looking staff)

Those who master’d the game would auto know that they’ve hidden their potential instead of giving 2 options of either

  1. its a real equipment
  2. its fake

and instead

  1. its fake

new players would think it’s a cool thing they can later get, don’t want them to get confused when they see someone use the training staff with training robes and conquer the colosseum

I would like “vanity slots” that go over armor slots that dont do anything but make u look cool

cough cough tuxedo armor cough cough

Maybe a system where you can buy cosmetics or get them as drops but arent items you should use in fights.

Option 1. Just have the item as a cosmetic and use it in nilgarf or some other town/city.

Option 2. Stich it so you can use it as an actual weapon and now people know it is fake.

I gotta admit, this idea is pretty cool.

I’m sure this would help @Kensai at keeping the bloodmage look

And help me keep my aviator and yellow nightbringer ber said he liked : )