Step Throught Shadow rework

Hello, I’m an assassin and was actually thinking on what can I use the shadow step ability besides using it at the bridge of sqr or for parkour (cuz if u use shadow step in mid air and u teleport where u put your shadow, you can double jump again like there was a floor where you teleported if you’re fast enough doing it).

I told myself “this ability is actually garbage” so I made this post to suggest a rework (edit my suggestion or post your own idea in the replies is appreciated).

Rework Suggestion 1:
I think shadow step should make the player dash foward (like shunpo) and leave a shadow behind him that would attack any mob/player that approaches the shadow.

Rework Suggestion 2: Make the player turn into a shadow and be unable to take dmg or attack until the ability loses effect, the player will also have a 1 or 2 second cooldown after using this ability to be able to attack.

Sounds WAYY too complex for a Hunter ability. I think shadow step is fine as it is.
These sound like Assassin abilities.

Though I do not play assassin, I can’t imagine any really good use for PVP and PVE.

However, the first suggestion is well, pretty much a shunpo.

The second suggestion is pretty much useless and shadow step seems to be more fun as an escape than literal invincibility.

Shadow step is an assassin ability, this is an assassin ability rework suggestion.

No, Step Through Shadow is an assassin ability.

Shadow step is a Hunter ability.

shadow step got renamed to shunpo sooo… we’re both wrong lmao

cries in alpha player

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They mean step through shadow, if you read the post.

Remember when the icon was sans? (I think)

the icon was SANS!?
megalovania music starts playing

sooo… we should close the post? xd


P.S nice animations

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