Stats Reroll for Vincent (Or Anyone)

I just spent all of my money because I thought Vincent rerolled your stats, so I decided to do that to put everything into INT. Now I’m a Mage with 42 STR. Can Vincent be able to reroll your stats for like 50 Silver or something?

clearly if you have 42 STR your stats have been rerolled.

h4 im a hunter with 75 vit I should be praised B)(edit: hec i replied to the wrong person)

doesnt matter i like when you reply to be <3

jk lol

wow, pretty buff mage.

I know, that is the point. I thought he rerolled stats, not completely randomized them! So I did it, because I had put in like 6 points for STR in the beginning.

thats what reroll means…

I mean Reroll as in giving you back your points so that you can put them into what you want

Berezaa stated in-game that Vincent focuses your stat points into one or two stats, and sometimes makes a full stat build in a single stat. That happened to @J_Joey with VIT.

I supposed you had bad luck and got a STR build as a Mage.

We eventually plan on adding items such as a stat reset item that you’ll be able to purchase for R$, or from other players for whatever they’re selling it for. Nothing currently in progress for it though.

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Oh… Wait, by Robux or other players ONLY?

If so, why not add an option to delete a save? I kinda need that rn… .-.

If I bought it for 100 R$ or whatever it costed, I could sell it in a shop for 100 Silver or whatever I felt was fair for the item. You’ll be able to do either.

I can look into getting a delete save button in for next update.

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Thanks for the save delete option, but that basically says Robux is worth 1k in Vesteria.

Yeah, kinda weird for me. Because that basically says I have 49 Robux due to me having 49 silver.

Also if they could do it like that, then why make the Scroll something you buy as a product with robux? Why not have it be something worth as much? The price is 100, and you could, say, make it worth $50 Robux by making Robux’s net value to Mushcoins be 100 Silver. Which is $1 = 2 Silver. Which is 2k. Why not like that?

That’d make it at least possible to get it without the need of having someone buy it with robux at the very least.

The price I gave is arbitrary, not sure what it’d cost actually. Whenever we add items purchasable for R$ we want to get it right and make sure they’re not unreasonable.

Also to iterate in advance, we’re not going to add pay to win items. Items like stat-resetting are luxury items.

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I mean, thanks for that, but I shouldn’t have to go purchase robux just to get an item right?

My point is: Why not make the product Mushcoins, and just translate that torwards the Item itself.

Again, say the scroll was originally $100. Then just set the Mushcoin price equal to that. It just makes the game less fun for me, and maybe a few other people, knowing that certain items need raw robux just to get, and not say, Make the robux used to buy Mushcoins.

You don’t have to buy Robux, you can purchase the item from other players for gold or silver or whatever they want you to give them for it. To introduce new sets of the item into the economy it’ll take a Robux cost.

If you’re asking why buy it for Robux at all, I figured it’s kind of obvious. Developing a game takes a ton of time and work, and we have to pay people to do work for Vesteria.

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I get you need to pay the people working for it, but the fact that something got paywalled by
A: Using Robux, or…

B: You need to buy it off of someone who has it…

It just very much seems like a giant hassle to even GET it. Might I add this is a Reroll scroll? Why not make it something better? I get the Cursed Scrolls, but not to simply reroll something… .-.

Hope you understand. I’ll stop talking about it now.

Eventually our plan is to add player-ran shops that can be set-up and sell items while you are away (or even still there I guess), which removes a ton of hassle of trying to find people with items you want. I think the addition of a feature like that is crucial prior to adding any sort of “R$ exclusive” (which it isn’t, it’s re-sellable for coins) item.


Oh. Well that’d definitely help. XD

Thanks for being patient with me, and sorry about the rant. I just thought it’d be super ridiculous to get a Reroll scroll w/o Robux.

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It’s fine, passionate players like you are what keeps us accountable and having an open conversation about concerns of upcoming features is always nice. I’m glad you voiced your opinion to make sure we were doing it right!

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