Stats mage cleric

What stats do you recommend uploading to a mage.

after int what would be the other upload?

Honestly, 10 DEX just to make movement easier with +1 stamina and +1 walk/jump.

For a mage? Get 10 strength. You’ll get the perk ‘First strike’ which makes attacks on enemies deal 1.1x extra damage, which is a LOT with skills like thundercall and magic bomb.

Get 10 dexterity for its 2 mobility perks you’ll get, and then pour the rest up into 70 intelligence for obvious reasons. You won’t get any extra perks by going past 70 int. ONLY PUT MORE INTO INTELLIGENCE IF YOU WANT SLIGHTLY MORE BASE DAMAGE.

Getting an extra 20 points into int will give you about an extra 140 damage on all attacks, but you may want to invest those into other stats to obtain their perks.
If you want to see all of the perks, check out this neat forum guide that I found yesterday.

Ethier full int or 10 dex and then rest on int. And for boots you use fur boots. You dont need str or anything and you should focus on getting spider staff to +20 so full acient on it, venom bomb will be your main dps focus.

Mages spells are not affected by strength even the perks, and the +1 walk/jump is kinda useless since regualar speed and jump is 14 and 77, adding one wouldnt make a difference

I don’t think you got my point

First strike gives a flat 1.1x damage buff on the first hit an enemy takes. It’s better to stat into than 10 extra int.

no dont just get 10 dex

actually in my league of magic server, ive experimented with this to see if we should go all int or not and here are the results:
2228 dmg first bomb for magic bomb (there are 4 bombs) w/ first strike and 2026 dmg no first strike
all int: 2099 dmg all bombs

all done w/ scarecrow

yea, since u have to waste 10 stat points for it, it doesnt make much difference since intelligence upgrades every single bomb, good research, thanks for wasting your time for this

Stat point variance is what drives the game. No amount of experimentation is wasted. Take the example back in mid-to-late Alpha when I was a dominant warrior, in both PvP and PvE. My stats? All intelligence. You need to know which stats work best, and sometimes it isn’t obviois.

Bro, all int warrior OP!!!