Stats Balancing

Currently, players can upgrade four stats that enhance certain abilities qualities their character possesses. The effects of the four stats are as follows:


  • Raised basic attack damage

  • Increased Resistance to physical attacks


  • Increased Max HP

  • Increased HP Regeneration Rate


  • Increased Max MP

  • Increased MP Regeneration Rate

  • Increased “Effectiveness of Magic Abilities”


  • Increased Dodge Rate against Weaker Attacks

  • Increased Sprinting Stamina

  • Increased Critical Hit Chance

Within the context of an MMORPG however, these descriptions essentially mean:


  • Increased DPS

  • Increased Sustainability


  • Increased Sustainability


  • Anything is possible depending on abilities


  • Increased Sustainability

  • Increased DPS

  • Increased Movement Speed

Taken together, it appears that Dexterity as a stat is potentially superior to the others. It not only increases damage output through higher crit rate, decreases damage taken through dodging “weaker attacks”, but the increased sprinting stamina is practically essential to all players unless other movement abilities are buffed. The “weaker” attacks are not currently clearly defined. It is currently unimplemented fully so its capabilities are yet to be seen.

Intelligence being able to increase the “Effectiveness of Magic Abilities” implies its utility is dependent on the “magic” abilities of the different classes. It is currently ambiguous on what this could entail for Warriors and Hunters, but it will definitely make or break Mages. Abilities aren’t implemented much yet.

In contrast, Vitality is inferior to the other three stats as the rest are also capable of increasing the length of time a character can stay alive for. Strength has increased resistance to attacks. Dexterity can dodge weaker attacks. Intelligence will allow healing abilities to be used more frequently. Vitality is a redundant stat with its abilities already covered by the others. Its increased HP Regeneration is also not very useful in comparison to the healing ability of Adventurers allowing MP Regeneration to regen HP and then more.

With Vitality being as weak as it seems to be at the moment, it becomes a question of how to balance it with the rest.The only chance for Vitality to be useful with the other three stats’ abilities existing is to nerf the other three’s sustainability to be almost useless. That would make having the other three stats possessing increased sustainability be pointless. As such, I am proposing one potential way to balance the Vitality stat. That would be to make Vitality increase passively with levels. This will be reducing the number of upgradeable stats to three, and simplifies building characters a tad. Simple is best if we consider the target audience of Roblox.

Not only this, but it matches the number of stats to the number of core classes at the moment. Warriors pursuing a tank role at the moment would need to split their stats between Strength and Vitality, while the other two classes could easily just pursue one stat.

Assuming the three classes would align with the stats, we could see: Warriors - Strength Mage - Intelligence

Hunters - Dexterity

Not only does it make things simpler, it will also exemplify the differences between the three classes’ abilities to sustain themselves. The difference between each classes’ playstyle can be made much clearer for a player. Warriors with damage resistance and high basic attack would lend themselves to tank roles or brawlers. Mages casting healing spells could be relegated to a supportive role. Hunters would naturally be the damage dealers of a party, and their ability to dodge weaker attacks would not necessarily be a main focus against stronger enemies.

With Vitality being a floor that the other stats can then build upon, their differences can have a greater focus.
This is mostly just conjecture and based on where I think the game may develop in the future. Things look promising at the moment, but I still want the game to turn out the best it can.

I Feel Like I’ve Seen This Before. :thinking:


I Feel Like I’m Having Deja Vu

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Same here

Deja Vu

I feel like I’m missing something with the Deja Vu jokes, but Strength is still vastly superior to all other skills right now.

Dexterity relies on critical hits to deal increased damage, and only dodges attacks that most likely barely damage you. Strength always gives an increased damage output and you take even less damage from enemies overall. Attack speed is nice, but without the damage of strength, it’ll be like hitting monsters with a whirlwind of pool noodles.

Although intelligence could be good, most of the skills aren’t the best, and can be outclassed by a high strength stat.

Vitality is bad lol.

The Deja Vu Part Is From The Fact That @numnums Has Posted This Before On The Old Forums I Believe.

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DEX sounds OP at first but it really less impressive than it sounds. Too bad dodging isn’t added yet.

Just revisitng this, Dexterity doesn’t implement dodge. It doesn’t dodge weaker attacks, more as it adds a dodge rate, and you have a probability to dodge attacks.