Stat Distribution

Im just wondering how you guys are distributing your stat points
It would be even better if you could share your reasoning behind it

For my hunter i distribuited 2 str 1 dex

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Full INT mage.

I like dealing a lot of damage.

1 dex hunter. crit > damage

Since I went with the Mage class, I put most of my points into INT but also add decent amount of points into VIT for better quantity of HP in cases of boss killing or raid in the future. I believe in my perspective that VIT is a must have for any classes since HP plays a critical factor in any MMORPG game. All the classes currently have a passive skill to compensate for those who hasn’t put much points into DEX unless you’re a hunter. So in my personal opinion, I believe VIT is a must have for any class.

Well, if your looking to find out how to focus stat distribution, heres a gist of it.
If you want to deal alot of damage through your weapon, focus on STR (Strength)(Warrior), but if you want to just sit back and use your skills just spam INT (Intelligence)(Mage/AnySkillBasedClass).
But ! balance everything out, Warriors also use Int for their skills, and Mages need a bit of STR in the starting outs, you also need to get a bit on Dex(Crit(?) and Vit (HP) to keep your character powerful and alive.

The simple idea is just balance your stats out and don’t pour all your points into one stat all the time.

I play more with generalist, it’s fun to be a jack of all trades master of none (all my stats are about the same)

999 int mage? :thinking:

If You Really Want To Be Strong Mainly STR Is The Best For All Classes As It Will Always Increase Melee, Which All Classes Can Do, Damage 1 Point Per Skill Point Speced Into It. Of Course That Is About Now. However In The Future It Will Most Likely Be Better To Spec Into The Attribute That Is Most Like Your Class.

for the 1st 10 levels I put 2 points into VIT and 1 point into STR (i want to be a tank). afterwards, I just tried to keep my stats balanced and tried putting 1 point into everything

Max strength all the way! Strength seems the best at the moment, since killing enemies faster allows for more xp and gold.

  • Having more health doesn’t really matter when crabs 3 shot you.
  • Being able to sprint further is nice, but not too helpful in combat (not sure what the chances of dodge are though)
  • although mana regen is nice, unless you are a mage you will be able to out-dps your skills with basic attacks

As a hunter I have a 3:1 ratio of strength to dexterity, probably going to change this as they’ve announced Dexterity will soon be doing what it was intended to do.

STR. all the way warrior, I one shot crabs, spiders do like 100dmg to me, and I don’t really care

If You One Shot Crabs What Class Are You?

Warrior, because it allows me to have the mace, which I have at 95 weapon power, and +1 Str

If You Have 95 Weapon Damage, I’m Guessing You Used Multiple 70% Scrolls And 10% Scrolls?

yup 5 70%, and 1 10%

Well That Is Pretty Luck Of You.

Crabs have 360 hp btw any time I roll a dmg under that it doesn’t kill them