Stat based gear I guess?

Note: This is just something random off the top of my head, don’t roasty toasty me too much.

Ok so I just had this random idea of like an item like armor or a helmet or something that changes into a different item based on your stats, It could be called like, mystical weapon blob or something (Ya, it’s the best name ever I know) and what it would do is if the player who’s inventory it’s in has like, 40 points in Dex and like 15 points in Vit and 2 points in Int, the weapon would change and look different and have different stats, So like if your stats are even it could be like, 40 Dmg, +1Str, +1Vit, +1Int, +1Dex and the name could change to like, Balanced Blob, and if you had the stats I said before it could be like, 37 Dmg, +3Dex, +1Vit and the name could change to Dexterious Blob or something kinda like that. /shrug

If you have any other ideas for this or just think the idea/me are stupid go yell at me for being dumb below :point_down:t2::point_down:t2:

I’m kind of confused with this idea.

Are you suggesting that there be items that adapt to its user?

If so, they gotta be heckin legendary tier

I completely agree.

Dude. Items adapting to your stats? While I do agree with this, there’s one flaw…

It’s freaking random when it’ll occur. Yes, adapting to users is a neat idea and all, but what determines wether it’s balanced or not?

One could have equal Int, Vit, and Dex, with Dex being the highest of the three, while Int and Vit are being worked on. So much so to the point that Vit and Int are the exact same stats.

Let’s be honest now, this’ll be OP, even for end-game. Just think about this for a second. It adds to the thing you want it to add to the most… How is that not broken in a way?