Stamina is Too Low as of the Current

Stamina provides an asperity that people have to overcome when trying to outrun enemies or complete obstacles. Though, the amount of base stamina that adventurers have does not make an insane amount of sense. There are saves that have fought against the most treacherous of monsters; like the Spider Queen, Yeti, etc., yet can not run for more than 5 seconds without needing to catch a breath. It is not the end of the world but changing the balancing of stamina would not only make it more realistic but actually make the game more enjoyable. Doubling the amount of time a character is able to run without any gear would allow exploration to be more satisfying while still not diminishing the difficulty of the game by a huge margin.

My main complaint is about the base stamina being a bit low considering most saves are seasoned adventurers. I get that there are items like Aviator’s Cap and Yeti Boots which help alleviate the problem, but a slight increase in the amount of stamina that is had without such items would not affect the difficulty of Vesteria by enough to make it too easy, but still make adventuring more enjoyable.

With +2 stamina, one is able to run about from one side of the bank to the other. I do understand that the items certainly do help with exploration and such, but being able to one from one side of the bank to the other feels like something that a character who fights against ferocious beasts could handle without the use of a special item.

Yeah, when you first play the game, you’re stuck with so little stamina and the only thing you see is you bending your back because you’re tired for the first half of the game

If you’re a new player and did not know of the Aviator’s Cap, Yeti boots, or even the 5 dex stamina boost, you’d be stuck in an unsmooth exploration experience

mhm, its like being out of breath takes more stamina then actually running

Well, if you are a newbie, you could always get the starting boots. Those give +1 stamina, right? Better than nothing, I guess.