《 Stamina Is Terrible , Thanks》

《DISCLAIMER》 This is MY opinion on the stamina update. This is also an article about some other items that I dislike about the update, some glitches, and factors/items, that I think needs improvement. Like I said, this is MY opinion. Don’t take it too personally. This is also gonna be a really long rant/complaint, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like reading then, I suggest reading a shorter article on this topic, because I get really detailed when ranting. I would like if some of you read some items though if you have the time. I Also might have some poor grammar, so imma apologize beforehand. Furthermore, if any of the developers are reading this, I would LOVE if you would consider some few things about the update. Please and thank you.

《Stamina is a problem》

Alright lemme get this straight.

Most players dislike the stamina update, and that’s not the only reason i’m typing this, but I’ll get to that later. The fact that mobs/enemies are faster than you, and that they don’t have stamina, really triggers my OCD. It defies all laws of physics and equality/Balance if the enemy doesn’t have stamina, but the player does. Which makes it seem unfair to me and the bunch of other players if we have low DEX. Yes, there is some good stuff like the increase in exp and new armor, but the fact that stamina makes it harder to run away, really is tiresome. Not to mention, the amount of damage done by the enemies.

For example, during the spider camp, my entire party got demolished thanks to the Stamina. Why? All the spiders were faster and our health would be depleted before we could attack. Furthermore, if you’re someone like me (a.k.a someone who has low DEX) it would be really difficult to get gears in the spider dungeon. Due to the fact that spiders can get to you faster than your feet can carry you, and this would ALL be because of stamina being a pain.

Some people might say, “Oh, why don’t you let other people with higher DEX do it for you?”. Well here’s the problem. If I (or other players) let other players do it, they might not be able to do it, more or less get killed, or likely take too long due to the fact that they can’t sprint. Thanks to Stamina.

Another reason that I’m ranting over the stamina update is; it gets more difficult to travel. Yes, we got runes, BUT, not to the spider dungeon. Along with forsaken isle. Trust me, if you’re someone with low patience, its becomes annoying. I would rather walk/travel, instead of wasting money that I spent hours grinding/working for. More or less, have runes piling up in my inventory getting rid of space.

《Other Items That COULD Need Improvement》

Now, let’s get down to business.

First to top things off, i dislike the location of the spider camp. Yes, i’ll admit it, the design for the spider camp is amazing. The problem though, is the amount of enemies you would have to face just to go through the tunnels to the camp. Furthermore, a player could get easily lost in the tunnels just to find the spider camp, and in all honesty I would rather go back to the old spider camp. Why? The amount of players found in enchanted forest isn’t that high. Not to mention, the fact that the old Spider camp was MADE to make it easier for players to find a party.

I know this is probably mentioned a lot, but it’s gone to the point where I’m losing my patience and probably along with other players’ patience. Fix the chests!! I’m not sure myself of how long the chest has been broken for, but it’s been pretty long. What’s the point of having chests if they aren’t fixed and still won’t give anyone anything? Yes, you (the developers) could still be working on fixing them, but the fact that it’s been months of chest being broken. I don’t see the point of keeping them.

Or the amount of enemies that spawn. Yes, you could definitely kill a spiderling with 2 or 1 hits, but the fact that a bunch of spiderlings can take you down in a few seconds is outrageous. Referring back to the stamina problem, the player wouldn’t be able to escape the wrath of the spiders piling over them if they are already exhausted. If you’re a mage, you would have to stand still to do a spell. This would allow spiders/enemies to be able to pile up on the players, killing them instantly. This makes the game less enjoyable for the player, especially for someone who is a beginner.

To add more to the problem, there are a few glitches that happens waayyy, to often which makes it less enjoyable. One would be while jumping and drinking a potion at the same time, the potion would disappear and would cause the player to lose the potion without getting the effect (either healing, strength, nor mp ). I also find it quite irritating when you can’t run while drinking/consuming a potion. Another potion problem would be when the potions completely break. This glitch happens when a player goes through an entrance/or exit while consuming a potion. The potion effect wouldn’t work, and it won’t only be just one one player, but the entire party as well.

This concludes everything on my very long article about the entire thing. If you have any suggestions/criticism, on what I should write about, i would love to read on what you would have to say.

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Clerics… just keep them safe while they heal you, I haven’t had the chance to check out a max healing circle but at level 3 it does 300 healing, if everyone in the party works hard enough, then that should be able to hold off until all enemies are killed. I would buff the healing circle but that because I’m normally a cleric and believe it should have more of value against monsters even now more than ever with the stamina update but it’s whatever really. I made a whole rant that got taken down not even a minute after posting and I see why now, just give it some time, get a cleric(or 2), and you should be able to adapt to the stamina. I would say though to upgrade the stamina bar to at least 5-7 (ticks?). I feel like this update teache players to not go in all willy nilly thinking their invincible as we(I) have learned from the beginning of the game. Maybe, to a new player, this is all they need, we have just grown on the fact that we can run all the time and this gives it a great smack into reality that I felt like I needed. And remember we can quickly equip the armor to make us have a little extra stamina if things get dire. For me, reducing the damage of most enemies to 80% and reducing the speed of most enemies down to 90% would make it a good transition, and then maybe once people learn to get used to that we can go back to this where its more realistic

TL;DR: The updates great and just needs time to be accepted within this community, though making the monsters a little less op would be greatly appreciated(from me at the very least). Good day and hopefully this doesn’t get taken down.