Stamina is amazing!

Thanks berezaa for adding stamina.

It makes my gameplay more enjoyable and realistic and I appreciate that you are paving an new way for people to play your game. Keeping stamina is your best choice and has made your community very happy. Thanks once again for the great update berezaa :slight_smile:

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Enjoyable and Realistic don’t usally go together.


have u ever heard of no mans sky very realistic :blush:

I mean it just that stamina’s implementation is very clunky rn in my opinion.

Stamina has made PVP great again IMO, it solidified mages as the slow one hit kill/burst damage class, hunters as the mobility/ranged class with their high walkspeed, and warriors as the endurance class with their super high stamina boots.

Wait That’s Illegal

True I agree. 100%

You might not agree, but the fact of the matter is that stamina has improved the game by preventing habits such as bunnyhopping and people holding down left shift when they aren’t stabbing/shooting/spellcasting at anything. They wanted to encourage more attention-requiring gameplay, and adding back stamina was a pretty darn good way for them to do it.

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Lol sure
Most of them are pretty angry, seeing screams of entitled weirdos.

Lots of people keep saying that they don’t like stamina, can I ask those people why? I don’t see anything wrong with it.

The only downfall is that it makes it harder to move in wide spaces

I can’t tell if your being sarcastic or actually think adding stamina was Berezaa’s best decision

I think the re-introduction of Stamina is great, you can’t just run into a horde of mobs, you actually have to consider strategy, planning, and timing.

I played as a new Cleric today doing SQR and enjoyed the addition of Stamina.


When people say they like diabling the character because of stragety and making it realistic, I always want to ask, does it make the game more fun?

Not for me.

Yes it made PvP great but everything else seem more tedious and more annoying then before

It did make tanks more useful by making it so you can’t just dodge everything as a glass cannon, so I’d say it’s still an improvement.

I agree stamina is a good mechanic its just the game isn’t designed around it currently everything will be updated to not fell horrible then it will be a good mechanic good idea horrible inplementation sq with stamina just sucks

literally 95% of the community disagrees

It feels more fun. The game feels more like a game, and less like a “simulator”. Stamina encourages different stat builds, and has overall improved the game experience.

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