Stacked shots are annoying

I think that you should only be able to take damage once per “tick”(or certain amount of time like 0.1 second), cause it’s kinda annoying how a stack of spiderling and instantly kill u, adding on to it, stamina makes it so u can’t run, and spiderlings go faster than walking speed, making it really hard to play SQR as close range characters

  • Can only be hit once per certain amount of time
  • Stacked shots is fine

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Appreciate your feedback, but we won’t be implementing this. It would create really weird scenarios (i.e. dueling your friend and giving them caustic wounds during a boss fight so they dont take damage)

Spiderlings are meant to be brutally punishing. They are working as intended.


hm, never thought of that

They’re nightmare fuel for people with low stamina.

cause they run faster than regular walking, now because of stamina, warriors can’t do anything

I’m pretty sure you can just walk away from them at walking speed. Even though they are a tad bit faster than you, if you are constantly moving away, when they pause to lunge at you, you have enough time to back away.

they’re fast enough to the point where they won’t lose aggro even if they lunge

just get a mage to thundercall in advance when possible to avoid those scenarios as much as possible

With combined running and walking away while waiting for stamina to refill, you should be able to escape or get to a vantage point / complete the Obby

the tiny issue there is jumping using stamina and various chisels in terrain characters can get stuck on, and if they stack you can pretty much kiss it goodbye

also moments like that put pressure on players, doesn’t help

If the player is under pressure, they just need to chill. I agree to a certain extent about what you mean when you talk about getting stuck in terrain, but it’s partially your fault for even letting them group up to you / follo you that far. The only time I feel this could come in play would be in Obby 2 or at the spider queen.

thats like telling a depressed person to just be happy
people react differently in the same situation

group up, i agree. controlling aggro is no easy task

It may not be easy but it sure isn’t hard

i’d like to see a decent explanation of how aggro works, especially with giant mobs

also nice oxymoron

If i ever get the time/ ability to create a detailed article about Agro, one of two things could happen; I would be excited to share with the community or it would already be phased out

I wish these stacked shots would at least not occur so often. Spiderlings are irritating for both their stacking shots and for the fact that they are super fast, allowing no chance to dodge. They can also see you while you are doing the obby, which means that because they can jump on each other, they can pile up and hit you even if you do the obby flawlessly. Spiderlings are generally too OP, they need to be nerfed.

i would say spiderlings are actually BALENCED because their small, like ants, just mutant and swarm in groups, as in every spawn from spider queen the spiderling spawners spiderling room and the room with the spidering gear (yes yes the super giant spider guarding the other gear) they do like 100+ each hit and just use your movement ability if you’re in a sticky situation like getting trapped with no stamina dash blink roll. they can’t really do much if they attack 6 differant people with like 5 spiderlings each, right?

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considering spiderlings are not fully grown spiders, they shouldn’t do twice the dmg of normal spider. It’s like saying a 5 year old kid beating up a bodybuilder.

well thats natural for me

Considering that spiderlings are supposed to be baby spiders, that’s like saying a Baby Shroom is stronger than Chad.

Spiderlings can’t control their venom.

Is that a good enough explanation?

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