[SRM] Sewer Rat Mafia


The Sewer Rat Mafia was formed on April 11, 2020. The guild consists of members of the now-disbanded Valkyrian Saints, formed by @SirMundo. This server is now only for members of the in-game guild and for people who want to join once Vesteria comes back up.


  • This server is only for members and for people who want to be members. Only the leaders of SRM, RRM, and SWFT can join each others’ servers without being members. If you want to be a representative for your guild, you’ll have to join the discord server for the Swift Rats’ Coalition, an alliance between the Sewer Rats, the River Rat Mafia, and Swift Guild. The server is for members of all 3 guilds, but is open to outsiders, unlike the individual SRM, RRM, and SWFT servers.

Invite Link:
Want to be a member? https://discord.gg/Rs8dGZD
Join the Coalition’s sever: https://discord.gg/HCCEpVr

Server Staff:

  • @BrysonG2015 - The Boss (SRM)/The 3 Leaders (Coalition)
  • @SirMundo - Rodent Lord (SRM)/Rat King (RRM)/The 3 Leaders (Coalition)
  • Nuko_Studios - Rodent Lord (SRM)/Guild Leader (SWFT)/ The 3 Leaders (Coalition)
  • @Aitrem - Rodent Lord

We hope to increase our staff count to around 10 members, and eventually as many as 30.