SQR parkour is horrible for mages

SQR’s parkour sections are physically impossible with the new stamina, mainly if you are a mage. Mages have no speed and their mobility isn’t useful for parkouring. The fall instantly kills you as you cannot run from spiderlings, and becasue of mage having delays on all moves it can’t fight back without dying. The thundercall nerf means it cannot clear the ground and try again. Nerf the parkour. It’s not even possible. I know ber wants to make the game more skill based, but he has it at the point where it’s not even fun anymore. That’s why the game is dying. it’s TOO hard.

This is highly inaccurate. The parkour is in fact not impossible no matter your class. You should not be blaming stamina as the reason you fall. Take your time and make sure to practice. Stamina will not be a problem if you wait for your stamina to refill fully before attempting your next jump. I’m not totally sure what you mean by mages not having mobility and speed. None of the jumps will be too difficult if you take your time and aim for ones that are close enough to to you. If you do fall near some spiderlings, try to stay calm and run until your stamina is almost empty then walk until it refills and rinse and repeat. As someone who plays as all classes, I do not particularly find any class exceptionally more difficult or easier (except hunter because hunter is meant to be more agile and speedy which makes sense). SQR does not need a nerf. As a mage, you don’t even have to do the second obby (there’s a faster method which is easier to pull off or if you are not confident enough, just take the path up.


You know you can just wait for your stamina to recharge and also mages are just as fast as warriors. You don’t need much speed anyway to do the parkour. And with mages, you HAVE BLINK. Just blink to the left side when you’re halfway. Honestly if you can’t do it ur just bad

ive recently started doing SQR with my mage, and using patience and the mushroom hat helps with the parkour.

Aviator Helmet, Yeti Boots, 5-10 DEX, skill, practice and patience and you’re all set.

Its not that hard, just practice more

I’m currently a level 31 mage, and have gotten through the parkour almost every time I do it. You just need to practice it and eventually you’ll get it. Main advice: Just take it slowww.

blink and 5 dex

stamina will refill as you fall, walk and run in intervals and avoid using stamina in one go, instead short bursts

sounds like venting at this point

For me I just slap aviator helmet on for parkour and have yeti boots on all the time. Also when your practicing make sure you have a cleric flare nuke the room.

Get a Mushroom Hat

Stamina doesnt refill mid air silly

You really could just wait an extra second.

imagine saying vesteria is dying because you can’t do the SQR parkour

There are plenty of ways to increase your stamina. Aviator cap, yeti boots, and +5 dex. Souds like you are taking it too fast, without much practice. Take your time. You can’t speed run it like you used to be able to before the stamina was re-added. And why don’t you just clear out the spderlings before even starting? Thats what i do when carrying…

i can’t clear them. thundercall nerf. I’'m a warlock. No flare.

also my teammates kick me if i take too long and force me to reset

going to tell you the forsaken words
git gud

A warriors worst nightmare is the parcore and spiderlings cause unlike mages and hunters they only have melee attacks and even with the ground pound they shred you faster then an auto clicker clicking at 1 click per millisecond

Not like mages have it much better. All their splash attacks cause them to stop moving during the casting animation.

Says the guy with ranged attacks (no offense) couldn’t you just sit on one of the parcore branches and just use thunder call till they are all dead?

Good point, but you can’t take every spiderling out with a single Thundercall/Flare/Meteor. If you fall and there are spiderlings that are still alive and chasing you, and you try to use Magic Bomb or something of the sort you will still be killed by the spiderlings who can obliterate you in the fraction of a second between starting the animation and killing the spiderlings.