Spooky Story Time: Bolgerius The Evil

To pass the time until Vesteria is Paid Access, here’s a story I made up. It’s not really a horror story to be honest, but I felt it would be interesting. (also since it’s October and going to be Halloween I decided to call it spooky.)


Prologue: Adventure

Chapter 1:

In an insignificant land a village dwelled where it bore indistinct features, all of it was merely bland, the stereotypical kind of village that would appear to be the same as the rest. Inside this village were few housing, of which were poorly crafted to barely suffice as shelter. The land upon the village were barren bearing few crops that would feed this simple village. This village was surrounded by a forest riddled with creatures that could strike and end their very lives at any moment however, for years those creatures have not descended upon the village to make their feast. A village chief did indeed head the village for he, Veltorus, who was considered an important man for the past 20 years had settled here. The man himself was quite mysterious therefore, little information of what is known about him would appear to be mere rumors of the truth. Veltorus would appear to be a simple man, who lacked character yet, he would sufficiently do his job without anyone truly noticing it. Many orphans would come populate this village as their whereabouts before they were from is quite unknown other than from the direction of the forest. One of these orphans felt the need to understand everything that was understandable. Despite Veltorus seemingly manipulative in fact, Veltorus could’ve left these children left to die, as the village chief he was truly the only adult around these young orphans. This specific orphan was given the name Dennill, he of course sought Veltorus for teaching as Veltorus was the only intellectual around. As Dennill was about to ask Veltorus if he could teach him some knowledge… Veltorus as if Dennill’s thoughts were spilled right in front of him… Veltorus questioned…
“Are you ready to learn the truth about this accursed world boy, hmm?”

It was as though darkness and malice crept into Dennill’s mind… Dennill himself reflexively jerked back only to be bound by… the most sinful magic ever to be casted… Dennill himself lost consciousness due to his fear. Upon waking up Dennill was astonished of this place, as it had only contained malicious intents. There were some spell books that laid around the area, which seem to contain all kinds of black magics that Veltorus has collected which seems to be for many years. Dennill made an assumption this was his the evil magician’s lair, which blatantly it was. Veltorus then suddenly appeared before Dennill as if he were teleporting.
“Welcome to my home… apprentice… we’ll start with… my favorite magic…” as Veltorus greeted Dennill who of course wanted to leave the whole place.

Veltorus had grabbed one of the books laying around and forcefully using magic transplanted the knowledge into Dennill. This of course had corrupted Dennill, for there wa… was nothing that actually changed… Dennill, being the way he was, was absorb… didn’t want to learn Veltorus’s teachings at all, in fact he despises all of his tea… the way the old Dennil… Veltorus appeared to be quite confound at his own magic, his own narcissism sparked into an even higher form than it was which to be honest was already quite high. It had been days since Dennill felt this tortur… feeling of immense power. As for the many tasks that Dennill wanted to do for his master that he did no… totally appreciated. The great and amazing teachings of his legendary master had lead him to learn all of kinds of horrible… horrible… spells… these spells make me want to take revenge… for how amazing my teacher was being akin… to… trying to be god… he made me into a monste… a hybrid of everything a man wanted… Dennill has been locked away in Veltorus’s lair for years of torture…

There were all kinds of agon… cities that were wonderful to tra… destr… look at. I feel as though my mind is breaking, I don’t want… to stop looking at cities. The main attraction of some cities would be their adventurer’s guilds. These guilds would provide quests for the adventurers who would deal with tasks that were given. Some of these tasks were to deal with the scum of this world… _such… me… _ and after completing these quests the guild would provide a sufficient award for the completed quest. There are ranks in the guild, from ascending to descending. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Copper, and the lowest… I… have never seen which is of course Wooden. There is a huge variety of this, in fact there is a proportion in Platinum and Wooden ranks of 1:80000. In other words, Platinum ranked adventurers would be 80000 times stronger than a Wooden adventurer. The city that I had visited was a very beautiful city. There were plenty of people populating it, but the stones, boy they were beautiful, nicely chiseled with a nice grainy texture on them. The trees as though the inedibility of them went away as they captivated me upon view. The other features such as the flowing rivers of blue and the homes of wood and stone, the city known as Treenicus.

Chapter 2:

Inside Treenicus was a wooden ranked adventurer, who was known as a great failure and prominently noticeable due to his jet-black hair of spikes, blue-eyes as well as him always seeming to wear tacky clothes. He himself, Lecerius, did in fact tried to do his best all the time. The tasks he did were indeed were quite difficult for someone of his capabilities. In fact even a young child could solve these tasks. Therefore, Lecerius was the laughing stock of the masses, as the people spread more and more rumors of this insignificant man the rumors worsened. Some would say he bore the “Curse of Dennill”, which is to say is blasphemy… or rather he brought bad luck… death… Denil… I only brought deat… everywhere he went. Which is to say partly true, much of Lecerius is also little to be known, however sometimes he comes upon a nightmare where his very city he grew up with his childhood was destroyed by the very being of himself. Lecerius, never told his parents otherwise they would believe of him to be a crazy man however, they pretend to ignore the fact that they are being shunned. His parents attempt to cheer Lecerius up, although he is already is persevering. and never would give up. It was the very next day when Lecerius visited the adventurer’s guild of Treenicus. Those who saw him laughed at him, indeed even though he was considered wood rank, he had other skills… yes greater skills… than those incoherent fools… who would never understa… yet even then the people found excuses to merely of harassment would do them any good… As Lecerius approached the guild clerk who would verify his quest of which was that of which would send him to his mere death… the guild clerk smirked and accepted it even though, it was only suited for a raiding group ofPlatinum adventurers. He left the guild which was quiet, as everyone stared at him… with their eyes as though they were bursting out of their face… quietly… those same faces exploded just as he left with laughter. Lecerius clearly heard the laughter through part of the entire city, and rushed to the mountainside to complete his quest of inevitable death… Little did he know, after traversing the mountain to the requested area that there were clear signs of this being dangerous. The usual beasts that would instantaneously kill men with a single strike and glare were nowhere to be found. Those beasts require at least 5 platinum adventurers to barely do any damage on them at all yet, even though supposedly there are measured to be about infinite amount of them as the mountain was barely explored. Lecerius was nearing the peak where he saw a cave to rest in after spending few days climbing the mountains with nice delightful breaks that soothed him and made him feel as though he could eat a chair for every meal. However, the mountain was… was… well… it… made me realize who… was making Lecerius delusional and inside the cave it sent Lecerius through a teleportation spell which lead him to… a dark place. It was as though he had been to this “lair” before, as it felt all to familiar. His memorie… my memories are rushing back to me… I…

Chapter 3:

I…I… never wanted to come back to this accursed place… I… had sent my soul through… dimensions… many timelines where I had to relive these horrors… yet I finally ended in the perfect vessel where I would have a normal life… where I would not be an orphan who fell in Veltorus’s lair yet again. However… it was these accursed people… as well… as me… losing control… of this vessel… it’s now too late to go back to that peasant’s organization this blasphemous place… it had made me remember vividly of what my “master” did to me… he… experimented on me… with his hybrids… he had beasts… tearing up my innards… he would use necromancy to keep me alive. This man didn’t want me as his minion… no… he wanted me to succeed him… I… of course… had no choice. I was cursed by the man to follow his orders… as for when I had… bested him… little did I know that there was no way for me to end this suffering

“Well… black-haired adventurer… it seems you found my lair…” said the familiar voice…

Veltorus! You scum” I had replied back…

“Ohoho… it appears you heard of my GREATNESS” echoed Veltorus, as his back arched backwards, and his arms flew up into the air, with his hands opened into claws. The maniac started laughing and casting necromancy onto those accursed beasts he had meddled with… Their bodies… the conglomeration of man… its flesh a disgusting color of red… their eyes bloodshot… their faces… resembling Veltorus himself… However… these mere beasts are no match for me, the legendary necromancer… I never liked the name Dennill, therefore I shall now call myself Bolgerius… yes… it has a nice ring to it…

“You are my first opponent in ages… may I ask of your name, boy?” asked Veltorus kindly for the first time…

I had only laughed back hysterically, which made Veltorus surprised of this development. He in shock sent his ugly beasts to gnaw at me… rip up flesh into a bloody mess… how he believed he could… I let the fool do as he wish… only to realize it’s ineffectiveness.
“Wha… who… who are you… you would definitely made a great experiment!” questioned Veltorus.

“You need not know who I am, but you need know that I am here for your life.” I had retorted haughtily and by using the Dark Magic I had regretfully learned by my opponent, I had simply murdered the man using Death Magic. He cackled in despair and somehow bliss in his defeat… what a fool… to the very end… By using this magic… my… appearance became inhumane… I now am an undead creature… I… did… not want to, but I did steal a cloak from my former opponent… I recall clearly of that laughter of those people… how I’ll enjoy their anguish one by one in an eternal place of agony suited just for them…

Chapter 4:

Using the magic my former master had taught me through the way of torture… yes how he infused the power of demons into my soul… the catalyst being live humans… that time I remember, me being in despair… that had caused my mind to break again… enough of that useless babbling… I am able to shapeshift into whatever I want, be it beasts, humans, objects… now for the vengeance upon those people… I walked into the guild area as though I had failed the quest… I could hear the laughter of quintillions… no infinite amount of hyenas personally for me… I waited a bit to catch their attention… I… first ripped out the innards of the nearest victim… which made them all choke… they equipped their weapons and starting to fight me which of course was in vain, the sight of the fools! I laughed at the inferior beings as they could not damage me… I then showed the victims before me my true appearance, of an hybrid… inhumane… undead? creature… which I then declared
“I am Bolgerius The Evil you can choose death or to be my underlings, fools!”
which then terrifies many of those lackluster so called “adventurers”… they tremble in fear as I picked them off one by one… each of their deaths more and more brutal, each of their friends feeling more and more despair… this feeling had given me joy… I kept the few of those who were willing to be underlings of mine… I had sent them to other cities to spread the rumors of me… By using one of the dark magic teachings, after my underlings had left the city, I mercilessly sent Treenicus into oblivion… all of those souls I’ve converted into my lifeforce as well as my undead army… who would ceaselessly hunt souls for me…


Hope you enjoyed it I guess, well anyways if you did read it or not, then hoped you enjoy it and a Happy Halloween.

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