Spooky Damage :0

When you start taking damage out of no where but there’s no mobs around you


ye, honestly its kinda dumb its not fixed.

For whatever reason, the bug stopped happening the less people that were on the server. Now that I’m all alone I haven’t had it happen once.

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weLl Aren’t You LuCky

I mean I stayed on the game for many hours after it shut down to get to that point… and all I wanted to say was the odd thing I found :frowning:

Man I thought it would still be up due to the fact it’s Sunday :L

Nah, I don’t think it’ll re-open

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alrighto thanks for the info

Shame. it opened so late last night I missed the whole thing

Rip you. Be early and ready next time :ok_hand:

I was up till 11:30pm