Spiders have gone EXTINCT

I’m not sure how it happened, but the last time I visited the Enchanted Forest, all the spiders were gone. Only one was spawning. As of right now, most of the people have migrated to the Crabs. What’s next? Will the crabs be extinct soon? (All jokes aside, It’s pretty hard to level right now with everyone at the crabs and the spiders not spawning back in.)

Yea spiders seem to spawn somewhere outside the map maybe? I remember mentioning this a long time ago, but maybe I never made a bug report about it. A good fix for this is to have everyone leave the enchanted forest at once. Once people rejoin the server is restarted and the spawn rates are fixed.

Spiders will be fixed in tomorrow’s hot-fix update, along with a few other bugs we’ve noticed. We might add a small amount of new content as well to make up for the bugs.


Thanks, @Polymorphic. The spider’s population is no longer extinct.

Glad to hear that they are back. Hopefully this never happens again?

Edit: I’ve noticed that there’s not enough spiders to go around. People are pretty much competing to kill the spiders first for xp. It’s a sad life here in the Enchanted Forest. They should be spawning like the Elder Mushrooms in the Grotto imo.

Edit: I’ve noticed there’s only one spider spawning again. So I’m guessing it hasn’t been fixed yet.