Spider Staff for mages Is BAD!

OK i think im only person with the new spider staff in the game rn (Not sure) BUT pretty much… It sucks imoimage image image well the royal fang and the spider fang dagger give stat point buffs the mage dagger only has TONS of extra dmg and more mp. I personally dont like this but eh. I wish maybe the dmg could be cut down and we get int or vit instead that would be nice what do you guys think?

u got royal fang ); and ur not warrior it is sad day also webbed staff is underpowered i think it should get a buff but aren’t the magic attacks better with that i’m not really sure if it should be buffed?!?!?!

I mean, I still want it… gimme gimme

if the damage was cut it would basically be lapis staff but with stats on it