Spider related wepons and armor

So I was thinking of spider type weapons for other classes.
spider fang sword
spider fang staff
spider fang mace
We could also implement a new scroll. (this is very unlikely)
silken scroll - has a 1% chance and its description could be “A scroll from a lost civilisation covered in undecipherable markings”
There could also be new armor for the different classes.
silken robes - for mages (could boost int and dex but maybe decrease vit)
spider fang plate/leggings - for warrior (could boost str and vit but decrease dex)
silken rags - for hunters (could boost dex and vit but decrease str)
But these are just ideas so tell me what you think.

Don’t Forget Spider Fang Dagger. :smile:

All ready implemented and this topic is under new features

Guess Sarcasm Doesn’t Work On You. :confused:

(5 character limit aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggg)


Decreasing str for hunters is kinda stupid when assasin build is str and dex… that would only be useful for ranger build

Well this is just an idea. Its up to ber to implement or decide what to do with them

I like the idea, but I don’t quite understand why mages need dex… INT is the mage stat, and VIT is its secondary stat… It would make more sense to decrease dex

But interesting idea overall