also again view it on yt because better vid quality also boss fight begins at 3:30 of the vid
also apparently the boss drops something called royal crown as well royal dagger i cant really remember.
also this was the first time spider queen was fought by the public

drop Screenshot_31 also here is a picture of spider queen doing attacks Screenshot_29

bonus pictures

Screenshot_32 a actual real drop that you can get


more pictures

also acid does magic damage

the crown is a real drop

yeah berezaa told me that i thought it was that one exploiter

Is it not released yet, and how did you get early access to the boss?

berezaa was spawning it in in the spider lair he was basically doing a event for Christmas he also said that he was going to manually spawn them tonight which did happen and that is why we have pictures and videos of the spider queen. also if you missed out i’m pretty sure berezaa will spawn one tommorow but that might not happen because they are fixing her.

Ah, I see. I’ll just wait until he officially releases it in the game; also the gameplay looks sick.

he’ll be releasing it when subclasses are in because he said that he was also gonna put in a bow in the game once that update comes out so it might be a while but it will be worth the wait.

does the crown like, give any stats or defense?

ask @Cryptonite cause he was the one who actually had it i’m pretty sure because he took a screen shot wearing it

No the crown does not give any stats or anything, purely vanity. @J_Joey

well thats boring

Hunters are getting bows, I highly doubt subclasses being done in a few weeks

I thought you had to be ranger in order to use bows.

Nope, Poly said hunters are getting bows.

and here I don’t see the Rubee or Stone Golem, or dummy, or scarecrow

i recorded that on a different topic

avoid told me that he gave his royal fang to his guild smh