Spider Queen Rundown (SQL)

Spider Queen Rundown (SQL)


Welcome to SQL

SQL or Spider Queen Lair (or Revenge) is the first of many dungeons in Vesteria, today I’ll be doing a short rundown on it.

What we’ll be discussing:

  • All Stages
  • Tips and Tricks on how to complete easier and faster
  • Information on the SQL

How to Find the Entrance
When near the Gnome Village (Merchant) you can fall into “Spider Holes”, which will lead you to the entrance of the Spider Cave, near that to the left, you will find a huge spider statue with glowing Bluefire eyes


Take a left towards a portal which will take you to the “Spider Camp”

Once you’ve entered, you can find the Spider Merchant that will sell Orange and Purple Potions, aswell with spider weapons and Armour for “Royal Eggs”

What is “Royal Eggs”?
Royal Eggs are the currency of SQL, each run (depending on how much damage/luck you get) will weigh in between 1 - 4 each time, meaning you have to grind for these Royal Eggs to get a Spider Weapon

That concludes the Introduction, time to move on to the Stages

WARNING If you die/reset, you will respawn when the spider queen is summoned, DONT DO IT.

Stages 1 - 9

Stage 1

Stage One

When starting the SQL, you will be put into a room with one entrance (being the one you came out of) and the other (the one you leave through). A message should appear on the top saying “Clear the Room”, and that is what you must do.


Spiders will spawn in these area’s, keep in mind that some may not spawn until you’ve killed other spiders.

Main Spawn

You can find the main spawn in the middle, where most of the spiders will be.

Front Spawn

You can find this spawn at the entrance wall, where a few spiders will be toppled on each other

Right Spawn

You can find this spawn, following the tunnel to the right, which will lead to a ton of spiders (most people miss this spot, making them lose time)


  • Use Ground Pound to get rid of a lot of the spiders by leading them all up in one place and then using it.

That concludes Stage One

Stage 2

Stage Two

Stage Two is “find the puzzle pieces”, luckily for us, they aren’t too hard to find.

Piece One

Piece one can be found at the bottom of the broken bridge, it is the cogwheel (this one is a freebie)

Piece Two

Piece two can be found North West of the bridge, you can see this at the beginning of Stage two. To get to this piece, go through the tunnel and double jump your way up to get the piece.

Piece Three

Piece three can be found steeping below to the left, where a tunnel should be. Following this tunnel, you will find a wheel that is protected by spiderlings (Tip: Spam jump and run to escape these buggers venomousness bites).

Piece Four

Piece four can be found at a tunnel to the right WARNING there is a giant that WILL ONE SHOT YOU, be careful. Behind the Spiderling is a wheel. I recommend using a hunter or mage to get this (Tip: Use someone to bait out the spiderling and then have someone else take the wheel).

That concludes Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage Three

Just like Stage one, it’s clear the room, but with a different room.


Spiders spawn in these areas, keep in mind that some may not spawn until you’ve killed others

Front Spawn

When entering you can see a spider web, in front of that web will be a tunnel filled with spiders, kill the spiders through the tunnel and you will find the second spawn

Bottom Spawn

After going through the tunnel (or just jumping straight down) you will find the bottom spawn, where most spiders will spawn, it’s quite small so be careful because these spiders do ALOT more damage than the previous ones.

Back Spawn

Through the tunnels from the bottom spawn, you will find more spiders and a Huge Spider. (Tip: Lead the Huge Spider out of the tunnel and stand on eggs on the bottom spawn, it won’t be able to hit you and others can go ham on it, works better with a ranger or mage)

Tip: Kill the giant first, it got a buff on health.

A reminder that even if you die, you can respawn if your teammates make it to the Spider Queen

That concludes Stage Three

Stage 4

Stage Four

Stage four is an obby at best, first one of the SQL.



  • Hunters can make it past fast and easy with their double jump + shunpo
  • If you’re a Warrior/Mage, use a Mushroom hat to jump on the eggs easier, once you’re at the end, roll/blink over to the end.

That concludes Stage Four

Stage 5

Stage Five

In Stage five, you destroy three Egg Piles

Egg Piles

Three can be found in a triangle shape, for these go for the front one first, left second, right third.


  • Using a mage with Venom Bomb will be extremely helpful to get constant damage
  • Ground Slamming can clear the way of spiderlings and do a lot of damage to the egg pile

That concludes Stage Five

Stage 6

Stage Six

Stage six can easily wipe out a team if you aren’t careful enough, it’s another “Clear Out the Room”, but with spiderlings.

There isn’t much to say about spawns so I will put in some tips.


  • Use Venom Bomb to deal constant damage toward the Giant
  • If you have the Giants on your back, climb up on the eggs and let others attack it (NOTE: do not shunpo it, it will break the concentration)
  • DO NOT GET UPCLOSE you will get one shot with the new update

This concludes Stage Six

Stage 7

Stage Seven

Stage seven is another obby, but extremely difficult if you aren’t a hunter.

WARNING there is a TON of Super Huge Spiderlings, if you do fall, try to aim where there aren’t any spiderlings.


  • The Mushroom Helmet is sufficed for Warriors/Mages, just roll/blink at the end.
  • Shunpo + Double Jump for Hunters.

That concludes Stage Seven

Stage 8

Stage Eight

The second to last battle in SQL, the Spider Prince…


Just like stage 5, three towers are in a triangle shape, these towers generate a shield for the prince, but when you destroy all three it disables the shield. You can tell if they have broken by three things: 1, they emit a glass breaking sound when they break. 2, the light they showed will be turned off. 3, the health bar reaches 0


  • If you have a full party of six (alive) you can put two people on each tower, destroying it quick
  • The damage from the Spider Prince isn’t very much, meaning a warrior can tank all the damage while the rest damage it until it’s dead
  • Venom Bomb where the spider prince is to deal the most damage.

That concludes Stage Eight

Stage 9

Stage Nine, The Spider Queen

The title says it all, the final battle of the SQL.


  • After each attack, the Spider Queen has a 7-second interval, if you count this in your head you have to do it after the red spray leaves the Queen’s legs.
  • The Queen can randomly spawn in spiderlings/giant spiderlings
  • If she attacks with acid rain, you can still attack her, but watch out for her legs, they’ve been buffed
  • Spider Weapons have a 5% chance of dropping
  • The crown has a 2% chance of dropping from the queen.
  • Her bite will one tap anyone, don’t stay at the front.

WARNING All the queen’s attacks have been buffed!

That concludes Stage Nine and the whole tutorial

That’s it if you liked it leave a :heart: it would be appreciated!


This will be super useful! Cool guide.

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for stage 5, what works near perfect all the time is rounding up all the spiderlings in the exit hole, then bombing them. strategy i use all the time and works well

also the title of Stage 6 is Stage Five, same issue with Stage 7

Everyone has their own strategy’s, but this one seems like it would work.

Isn’t it 1% from each Queen for dropping a single crown?

I dont know, but it is one of the most rare drops in the game.

multiple people have said it was a 5% chance but that’s super hard to believe
maybe it was changed upon dungeon or it was never like that

some say it’s based on how many members are in the party, never sure

a large amount of drops is based on party members but rare drops are for the most part not

I think it’s less than 1%, I have had way over 100 runs and in none of them have any of my party members gotten gotten the crown.

good job! this will be really useful for anyone new to the dungeon!

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I’ve been doing Spider Queen Raids a lot more ever since I got good gear and maxed myself, this will be useful for myself and some friends I want to do the raids with. Thanks!

This is a useful guide.

And I’m only Level 6, so thank you for creating this for future use

Nice Guide, Level 7 is always the hardest sometimes, but as a mage you can follow the hunters on the left side and zap to a rock on the other side then parkour, it’ll get easier to do this as you do it, but its also very fast compared to using the long way most people use.

Bump cause still useful and active guide.

This was actually very helpful, really thank you!

The necrobump wasn’t helpful…

Super useful! There is also a tunnel leading downwards for the seventh stage, make your way to the bottom and jump out. There should be a tunnel in front of you to climb back up if you’re not good at parkour. There are a few giant spiderlings along the way, though.

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Dude I really appreciate this post it’s amazing and great guide!

Wait the stage 2 guide has a little bug, the tunnel is on the right, not left for boss cog. Also can someone tell me where the spiderling cog is? The description of the tunnel is a bit vague.