Spider queen ( kicking/leaving)

The game should prevent players from leaving/kicking from sqr

A person who leaves /kicks out people from sqr a lot of times should get less exp

A person who leaves / kicks out people way too many times should be called a bad sport and will be be given a 1 hour cooldown each time they do sqr

There should be a wall of shame in the spider camp showing how many times players have leaved/ kicked out people from sqr

There should also be rewards for not leaving and quitting too often ( 5 spider eggs every hour or so)

There should also be a reward for higher levels doing sqr with lower levels

Pls excuse my bad english

The reward for not leaving and kicking only applies if you play sqr in that hour and stay in the enchanted forest at the end of the hour

Not a bad idea since I’ve done sqr with alot of people and if I have a difficult time doing some parkour they usually end up kicking me from the party. (Still get the exp though )

What about that one guy who just has Mc Donald’s internet and takes 17mins to load? Gonna wait for him are you?

I think I should also include a system where people who are afk for more than one minute will be kicked

Well whatever it is it’ll never be full proof. That could always be that guy who just stays away from the first portal just to annoy everyone.

He will face a punishement as well

anything that annoys other players in sqr

Or a system which teleports other players when a most of the party is at the portal and some are not after 30 seconds this will prevent isues like people who are stuck in the obbys in sqr

please excuse my bad english

Perhaps there should be more incentive for completing with a larger party? It is difficult to come up with a solution for this issue.

I agree

Maybe if you have a full party sqr will become hardcore sqr with more rooms and higher level mobs and more loot

maybe Spider Kings Revenge

With exclusive weapons and mobs