Spider Queen Information

Spider queen gonna drop on Christmas, they adding a potion that cost 2 silver, but heals for 2k hp, and a muffin that heals 100 but add a bonus 50 hp for 3 mins, doesn’t stack and cost 500 bronze, hunter port will be released before Spider, the spider queen will be spawned by them in a max 40 person server multiple times but in different server each time, if u died, u will be kicked out, the spider queen will have magic attacks, so mages will have magic resistance, but if ur a str main, u will be melted instantly, but it will have physical attack as well to balance it out, it will at the same time spawn a ton ton of spiders, it also spawn lvl 18 ones that is 2x faster then normal, and 2x more deadlier, but u will be able to 1-2 shot it, the Spider queen have an acid attack that will be spit on the floor dealing aoe dmg, when killed, it might drop silver coins, spider queen crown, cursed scrolls, 70% for spider dagger, and most importantly, spider staff. (source by bere, sadly no ss)



couldn’t be less accurate


let me break this down for ya’ll:

lies, spider queen isn’t dropping anywhere near this Christmas since the boss has been only barely programmed and the quest to get to the boss has yet to be made

there is no information that the potion will cost 2 silver and berezaa even said that it will heal 1k HP so you got that wrong : /

this has been stated NOWHERE

so you are saying that the spider queen is going to be released after the hunter city… but the spider queen is dropping on Christmass? suuuureeeee…

no this WON’T be a thing. the first time you fight the queen you will need to beat a quest. afterwards, you will be able to re-fight the spider queen as many times as you wish

this has been stated nowhere

actually, there has been 0 info on the fact that the spider will have magic attacks so this is another lie

so what you are saying is that, if you have any build besides a magic one you will be unable to beat this boss? no.

  1. you mean melee attacks?
  2. that is like saying that the spiders have melee attacks

this has been confirmed nowhere. sure, the spider queen will spawn spiders but there has been no info of her spawning tons of spiders

yes! the spider queen will spawn spiderlings (a level 18 spider enemy), but there has been 0 info about them being twice as fast or twice as strong, or for that matter having very low amounts of HP

yes, you got this one right.

that is like saying “an enemy will drop money when killed”

there has been 0 info about the boss dropping this item, in fact, the only way you can acquire this item is by using exploits so idk where you got this from

oh come on, you simply heard berezaa mention something about cursed scrolls and took that as fact without hearing the full thing. cursed scrolls will be an EXTREMELY late game item that will upgrade your weapons by an insane amount but if it fails it will destroy the item completely. needless to say that they won’t be in the next update

berezaa hasn’t even mentioned the spawn rate of any of the spider weapons and while it has been announced that there is a full set of spider fang weapons, there has been 0 confirmation that the queen will drop them. (it is a safe bet that she will, but at that point, it’s just guessing.)

why is it so important? dare to explain? no? ok.

yet you provided us with 0 actual info. or twitch clips to back up any of your statements.


Most things in the OP are not true, but the muffin is actually confirmed!

There’s also a skull mask that might possibly be dropped by the Spider Queen:

that’s pretty neat

Actualy these are true but wont be drop by the spider queen (berezaa was talking of new armor for all class in his stream and new type of healing item)

I doubt some of this info, but some of it could be very well possible.

There was info on magic attacks for queen spider

If you saw sneaky peaks there was a special acid pool attack

it isn’t confirmed that the venom spit attack will deal magic damage but that could be a possibility

Wow you really went off on that guy huh. He is correct though

Pretty much all of that is 70% confirmed. I was just talking about how I think things will go when I was grinding spiders in Enchanted Forest. We are hoping to premiere the spider queen by manually spawning her for a big server on christmas, and then afterwords we’ll make her questline and polish her up a bit more.

As for hunter city, we will likely release it very soon with basic NPCs and then flesh it out more over time. The barkeep will have some pretty epic consumable items though.


thank you for the update.

without actual proof it was hard to believe. I would’ve done the same thing Phoenix did.

That being said @Sowwyy you posted this in the wrong topic. I’ve moved you to General Discussion. Please look in the topic before you post there. New Features is to propose new features, not to talk about what’s already coming.

I think you should make the requirements for certain topics more obvious. Its hard to report topics for being in the wrong category when all the creator has to say is “show proof”

unless there are already topic requirements somewhere that I hadn’t seen

For example:

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wait how and what now

well… uhh… yeah… I didn’t know that
yeah, maybe I went a bit too hard on a guy but if a complete stranger starts spitting out, what I thought was, lies and straight up misinformation then obviously I will want to stop that.
thanks for clearing out the confusion since I had NO idea about any of this


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