Spider Leg Bow GONE!

MY Spider Leg Bow disappeared. One night I had it. The next day at 7:00 A.M, I find out that it’s GONE. proof

Then, It’s GONE. I’ve only used 1 cursed on it and the rest are greats it is a 3 star with 2 fails. I would like to get it back cause this is just horrible.

did you put it in your storage

or did u sell it and tryna scam ¯_(ツ)_/¯

also ur not getting it back either way

No to both of you.

Yeah, good luck getting anything back. My alpha gift disappeared and I’m not even sure they saw my post at all.

OOf they are probs going to forget about this post, this is why the game is dieing

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The spider Leg Bow is expensive.
I dunno if I can get a new one.

RIP Spider Bow

as long as it’s not your only decent weapon i think you’ll just have to carry on until you get the money to buy a new one, and in this market probably 600s


Better get to grinding. Sorry m8

Between the two pictures you’ve gone up 5 levels and earned a substantial amount of money. This is clearly a massive time gap.

Unless you have proof that you lost it due to a glitch on video (in the same video you both having and then not having the bow with no cuts or editing), then there’s no way to prove that you didn’t just sell it, trade it, put it in storage, etc.

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good catch

Yeah uhh you don’t level up 5 times while sleeping.

didnt even get a good deal on his bow lmao 300s kek

its an old screen shot the last one he has of his bow

I’m just going to put it out there because I have no solid ground to accuse you of it, but I’d just like to point out that you joined the forums around the same time this was posted (approximately 20 minutes later, to be exact) and the only topic you’ve contributed to in the 7 hours you’ve been here is this one.

I can’t say for certain that you’re an alt account/friend of the creator of this topic, but it’s a bit suspicious to be sure.

Also him posting an old screenshot just makes his case less solid because it increases the time window in which he could have done something with the bow such as sold/traded/dropped/etc. it.

this is obviously a scam

If this is real, sorry dude your not getting that bow back. If this is fake don’t make fake bug reports

Ok yeah i can relate HEAVILY, my 2 cursed, 2 ancient, +16, 4 star spider bow has vanished from my inv, and now i am very sad as it was pretty damn op. And yes i know people will just be like ‘oh its fake he never had that’ but ask anyone at colo that day about how distraught i was about it. Please just someone fix this damn glitch, i know 4 people this has happened to already. @Meta
Sad vid of me using an ancient on my bow before it died