Spider Fang Sword, Spider Staff?

So, if the Spider Queen is guaranteed to drop a Spider Fang Dagger, what about Warriors/Mages? The exp will be good but the drop wont be worth it

Same question here. Weren’t there models of spider staffs and swords?

spider armor that lets you walk up walls for a small period of time


Spider Staff sounds smexy tho

they were mushroom items, not spider items

unless there were spider items then 0w0

ooh, I know the game isn’t this far in, but sub-classes would be cool. Like summoner for mage. Spider staff spawns in spider minions

if other classes has it too

then hunter wouldnt be special anymore :frowning:

actually hunter is never special

Except that they’ll be the only class with a 4th skill and will be receiving a city of their own next update /shrug

Here are some images of the leaked mage armor and staff.

Mage Armor & Staff

Image result for Transformers Merlin Staff



Whoops, don’t want Berezaa to get mad…

Lmao that got a laugh out of me

Well, just don’t get sozzled

are we gonna watch another movie tonight? last night was fun

If you guys want to watch something while we grind, sure. I was think of choosing a military genre movie to watch.