Spider Fang Dagger

Someone sell me one of these. I can trade for goodies :+1:

I don’t think anyone has even gotten one yet lol.

Some people say they have seen people with them :confused:

lol they’re lucky i wonder how much damage it could do with scrolls :thinking:

I’ve seena level 21 with it

i need it.

ill farm a HEEAAAAKKK tun of spiders when i get back from school

it has a .01% drop rate which means roughly 10k spiders. You WILL be farming a heck ton!

It’s a level 15 item so that doesn’t surprise me!

Wait, what even is that? It’s super rare, isn’t it…?

Spider Fang Dagger is a rare dagger that drops by spiders. I’m not sure what the exact drop chance is, but the rumor is that it’s 1/10000. This may or may not be confirmed.

It is a level 15 dagger that does 54 base damage without scrolls, but offers +8 dex and +4 vit to go along with it.

it’s a future boss drop that is fairly consistent in dropping, but for now it’s a 1/10k chance of a normal spider drop

I believe when it is a boss drop, it will still be dropped my normal spiders with the same chance because that’s the same treatment for the fishing rod