Spider corpse hitboxes

The spiders still have a hitbox when they die which can be really annoying in the caves since it is kind of cramped, I don’t know it this is intentional or not, since crabs don’t have a hitbox when they die.

Some of these posts are so morbid.

This should be moved to #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports.

I’ve also noticed this hitbox problem.

ok I changed it.

Everyone has seen that, but no one thinks it’s a bug. xd

definitely a bug, have it in my bug repports thread sometimes in caves it just leaves you unable to move, andno other mob does this.

yeah, it gets really annoying, especially in those little tunnels.

When Spiders die, their death animation plays but then you can still collide with their body. When they despawn, you can go through. This makes collecting drops a hassle in addition to getting through the caves, so I’d like this to be fixed.

I thought this topic was already made. I mean it was getting off topic but I don’t think there has to be another thread made about it.

Yeah, it was. But it is a pretty annoying spider, huh? (see what I did there?)

A. That was a horrible pun.
B. Was my topic not good enough for you? Fine then! be that way! nvm this it got merged…

what pun? I feel stupid.


That pun.

If you still dont know...

He meant its a pretty annoying bug, but replaced it with spider because we are talking about spiders and spiders are bugs.

But spiders are not bugs

ok well not technically, but most ppl think of them as bugs anyways

I am so dumb.


You’ve already been through it: you are in the Enchanted Forest, farming spiders. In the tunnels, you find a bunch of them. After plowing through them, you have to wait 2 seconds for their bodies to despawn so you can get the spider fangs, since they always drop the fangs under their carcass. This gets extremely tedious after some time, and making dead enemies non-collideable would be a small, yet useful QoL feature for a future update. The corpses can also sometimes glitch you out (if you are in tunnels for example) and make you stuck. If this doesn’t happen, atleast make the drops scatter a bit more, so they are easier to obtain and you don’t need to wait for the carcass to get out of the way.

This has been requested multiple times before you made this post. Next time, you should check whether if the topic you’re going to create is already created, not going harsh on you, just saying.

My response to your post; I agreed, dead mobs should not have collision. It can hinders you when trying to go somewhere else.