Spider Collision after Death

So basically whenever you kill a spider, its corpse is just sitting there for a few seconds and you cant walk through it, and if you’re in the tunnels its especially annoying because you cant walk past the spiders you just killed for a few seconds, I would like it if you could make it so when you kill a spider its corpse is Cancollide false or whatever. thx

Moved this to #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports.

boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I purposefully put it in general cuz idk if its supposed to happen or not ;-;

Its was moved to bug reports because it’s a game-breaking bug. General discussion isn’t meant for bug reports. That’s why he moved it.

Spiders breaking wasn’t supposed to happen. Sorry for the confusion.

I feel like you missed the part where they despawn after a few seconds… They aren’t acting different from what they were doing before… Idk whatever

I read, but if you think it’s a bug, then i would classify that as “breaking”. I should have made myself more clear, my bad.

Anyways, the fact that you have “bugged” in the title means it belongs int he Bug Reports Category.

Sin changed the title too… :confused:

I’ll talk to him about it.

I moved this topic to #gameplay-improvements:new-features because you are suggesting that there should be no spider collisions after you kill a spider.

Sorry for the misunderstanding before, but, for future reference, when you want to make a change to the game, put it in the New Features category.

But, I do agree with this topic.

I changed the title because it was unclear

Ok now I just think yall r having fun abusing ur powers on my topic ;-;

Not true, this is the first time I’ve decided to take action and use this power, because of a misunderstanding.

as no other mob has collision when it’s a corpse, it’s a bug

why did I have to make this… :persevere:

Just because YOU think its in the wrong category, doesn’t give you the right to move people’s stuff…

But that’s exactly what sin did.

sin actually did it correctly though

@TheOfficialSin close the topic

I mean he was clearly describing a bug to me

look, you should just ignore and walk away then starting an argument on the forums. keep your posts here about the topic you’re replying to

[insert stuff that is relevant to the topic and not a argument]

Yeah that is annoying