SPEEDY BOIS Guild & Weekly Duel Tournaments

SPEEDY BOIS’ Weekly duel tournaments
Hello and welcome to this post. SPEEDY BOIS are hosting new duel tournaments every week with robux prizes for the glorious winners! The tournaments usually have a small fee to participate, which are handed over just before start of the tournament. We have a new tournament every week, usually its normal 1 vs 1 tournament but sometimes we have fun rules/settings to add more interest and fun to the tournaments!

What if I don’t have ROBLOX Premium?
Don’t worry, prizes will be paid via group payout. This means everyone including those who don’t have premium can participate and receive their robux prizes!

To participate in these tournaments head to SPEEDY BOIS discord server.

This Weeks Tournament!

Normal 1 vs 1 tournament.
Participation fee: 50 silver
Prizes: 1st. 100 ROBUX (1 point for guild members)
Date: 18.4.2020
Time: 8pm GMT +1 / 3pm EST


Items that regenerate health are prohibited
Items that regenerate mana are allowed
Food/Potion that boosts your stats are prohibited
HP regeneration abilities are allowed
Terul’s Talon/Vesra’s Eviscerator/Astrologist’s Scepter
Sorcerer’s meteor ability is prohibited
Switching to different character during the tournament is prohibited


SPEEDY BOIS is a guild formed by high level players who aim to grind and find the most efficient ways to grind new and old content. We actively do dungeons and grinding together with our members to maximize the speed of loot and exp! We have monthly inactivity checks for our members to ensure our guild is always active! We also host weekly tournaments and fun events, which everyone is welcome to participate!

Joining SPEEDY BOIS (Currently recruiting)

When we are recruiting more members to our guild we will announce about it on our discord server!
The minimum level to join our guild is currently 49.

Discord Server Rules

I| Do not spam.
II| Be respectful towards everyone.
III| Racism isn’t tolerated.
IV| Do not post NSFW content.
V| Raids & alternate accounts will lead into instant ban.
VI| No advertising without permission of guild leader.

GL & HF! You can get to our discord server by clicking the picture below!