Special thanks to Berezaa

link to game?
i would love to check it out.

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mmmm this is a creative way of self promo ngl
earned my like

Seems like

(insert The Trickster meme because I’m too lazy to do it myself.)

https://www.roblox.com/games/2376885433/Vesteria-Beta?refPageId=1a8fcf5b-3fec-4a10-9102-911d6d604b89 or https://www.roblox.com/games/2015602902/Free-to-Play-Vesteria
the first one is normal vesteria, the second is the free weekend version :slight_smile:
or i think thats what u mean by"link to game? id love to check it out" tho im a bit confuzed cuz why would you have an accound on vesteria forums if you dont play veteria? just wondering if i misunderstud you. oh wait, link to elementania?
here if thats what you meant, also its free access to people in my group, unless i made it not for some reason, i suck at the roblox interface
https://www.roblox.com/games/4517146199/Elementania-PRE-alpha and look at who its made by to join the group :slight_smile:)
lol sry if im just looking totaly weird to u i got kinda confuzed
also elementania is in the pre-alpha stage so there is vry little content i havent done much with it yet, but imma dedicate my time to making it, imma try to have it released in alpha before next year

Great job I can’t wait to see your game! Also I agree Vesteria is my favorite game ever and when it came out I didn’t have enough robux’s so when I finally had enough to buy it the game was already in beta.

also whats ur roblox username?
i wanna see if ive ever seen u in vesteria

This is one of the avatars I use if I change it it’s still me.

hm. that’s a-

hey uuh…
you didnt make elementania accessable for people in your group.

Berezaa’s a cool cat.



berezaa is part of the K O O L bois

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yea berezaa is A. W. E. S. O. M. E

yes i have seen u

Have I seen you?

yea im a cat guy

Yea I do we saw each other in the gauntlet right?

yup sure did

B- Best
E- Exciting
R- Remarkable
E- Encouraging
Z- Zesty
A- Amazing
A- Awesome

wow, i never would have come up with that, amazing!

uh, im trying to update game, i suk at the roblox interface, anyone know how?
if so, thx