Spawn Rate Changes Poll

Recently, berezaa announced the following change to mob spawns on Discord:

The community has had a split reaction to this change to say the least, with some praising the change and others strongly against it. That is why I would like to put it to a poll.

Are you in favour of the proposed changes to spawn rates based on # of players in a server?

  • Yes
  • No

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Apologies for the brevity of this post. I just needed to get it out quickly.

This nerf to block-solo farming is def gonna help with the bunches of people who spend a good hour farming and then making big buck from selling (or other things)

The actual practice of it might need tweaking though, I’m not 100% sure what the ramifications of this update may bring about.

Only if a Meteor nerf occurs, then I am good with it. Overall, I am ok with it.

Meteor nerf? Heeeeeeeeeeeell no.

more like cleric nerf egg dee

meteor nerf

one side-argument people have brought up is when the game is in a low state, and mobs won’t spawn often which is a perfectly reasonable case to go off on

i suggest that the higher the average level in the server, the lower the maximum spawnrate can be.
this will make spawning in areas like mushtown and mushroom forest high, and batty cage + forsaken moderate.

I’d be in favour of a nerf to meteor’s range. It’s a bit ridiculous right now.

Oops, meant to click yes, but my mouse slipped. My vote is yes.

Then that’s that one guy who decides to buy Vesteria and meets himself in a Mushtown with one shroom that respawns every 14 mins.

Ok MAYBE a range or radius nerf.

I agree, that’s certainly an issue. I think the main goal is to boost Vesteria’s player count quickly after this update is pushed.

This update is gonna force us big lvls to steal kills and cant farm in peace

Sure. Radius and that is all.

Its not awful, although im gonna miss small lobbies. I think it needed to be done.

Welcome to the forums. Glad to have you over.

First off, it will not force high level players to steal kills. High level players have multiple avenues to farm, not just the sewers. Some other farming locations include Forsaken Isle, SQR, Shroompocalypse and even Shiprock Bottom.

In terms of farming in peace, Vesteria is meant to be a highly social game. You aren’t supposed to be alone, you’re supposed to be interacting with others.

Some of you dont realize that Vesteria has 60 concurrent players. Most of these players are in high level areas so the newcomers will be in mushtown with like 2 other people will find a baby shroom every other 5 minutes. The change affects low level players as well.

The game is literally dead right now. the average playercount is under 70. This update isn’t going to work while the game is in this state. Now we just cant farm at all because the areas don’t have enough people, resulting in the loss of more people who can’t even find any monsters to kill. We’re just stuck. Nice one ber. Keep it up. Clap Clap


I’ll keep playing to the end, but i wouldn’t be telling the truth if i said i didn’t think ber was killing the game.

I mean, he did admit Vesteria is dead. I think he’s well aware of it at this point.