SoX PvP Tournament (The Return to Form) (Updated)

SoX has been quiet for a while and i have taken a break from hosting weekly events
But we will be back at it this weekend and all can participate
Feb 8th 7pm Est we will be hosting a tourney and going back to tradition

The rules are like any pvp tourney
It will take place in the Colosseum Flatlands and will be a double elimination style bracket and im going to try it big pot style (Winner take all sort of thing)

The entrance fee will be 50s

No Hp increasing or regenerating items
No stat boosting items
No Night or day weapons
(Vesra’s sword and Terul’s talon)
Meteor is now banned

We will combat stalling by having it so if i see fit i will shrink the play area and if you go out of it you are disqualified

The Pot of the Return To Form Tournament
Since i am planning 1 huge event coming up soon the pot will not be very massive
3 cursed scrolls
2 Attributed dunes items from sandworms (Your choice i will most likely have) 1 has to be a cudgel 1 a dustworm
500s (Ill figure out the tax you get 500s)
And i will provide 2 mogloko masks

Sorry if the prizepot looks very small but i will be increasing it as time goes on

Good luck to everyone who participates and i hope to see you there

If you want updates on the tournament Join this Discord here for updates about the tourney

(SoX Community Recruiting For Now)

Scroll to the bottom and click the blue link to join us
Then grab the gladiator role in the ping role menu to get updates on everything

Again good luck to everyone and i am hoping for a good turnout

wth is this rule for?

Assassins can one shot people w/ a fierce ballista on there back even if it’s a knight w/ 80 points in vit

Literally exactly what ICitol Said
It has literally 0 counterplay
Since the assassin is invis and its a ranged attack
With ballista assassin 1shots at many ranges

what about RANGER?

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You can see ranger and they are not very fast
Plus you can dodge their arrows
Plus they don’t get invis damage bonus


Dodge it lol all i can really say
Does anyone else think ranger should have some sort of restriction

why don’t you ask

Ehm, no ranger stance? Imo rangers are balanced, ranger stance is not.

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Ranger stance makes rangers slow
So they become easy to hit which allows you to get in damage on them

From a long range
what about warriors levi?

Right now is a terrible time for a pvp thing, classes are so unbalanced it doesnt make sense to me.

assassin hate smh

Mostly just warlock and Sorcerer sucks rn
Assassin is overtuned which i put a cap on

Warriors can’t hit you from a far range without a warning
From across the map you suddenly get pierced for half your health cause ballista shoots you so fast

Wait did you just say sorc sucks, do you ever experiance a 1 shot fireball and shooting stars.

Assuming this means consumables?

No night/day weapons? Vesra’s Eviscerator and Terul’s Talon are probably some of the most used Warrior/Hunter weapons, I don’t think its fair banning these?

I don’t think its fair having a warrior regen all the damage they take
And i don’t think its fair for an assassin to run at the speed of sound and be unhitable

Also the system of it just being night or just day for your buffs promotes stalling (Running away for 10 minutes)
In that case the tournament goes on for an hour when its just a few fights

An example of that would be me versus Icko in a speedybois tourney
20 minute fights
Im not kiding