SoX Duo PvP Tournament

SoX will be hosting a 2v2 duel double elimination tournament Saturday March 21st 7pm Est
We will meet at the SoX Guild Hall Currently located at the Tree of Life (I will notify everyone if this changes)
The tournament will take place at the colo flatlands and will be a double elimination bracket
(If you lose a round you aren’t out and will have a 2nd chance)
You can enter by yourself but if there is someone else there who is alone you will be paired with them

  1. Go to tree of life and wait for one of my Guild members to bring you into the hall
  2. Go to the Colosseum when we tell you to
  3. Once there head to the stairs leading up to the colo and turn Left
  4. Once you reach the edge of the map jump off and you will be at the Flatlands

No Stat or Health boosting items allowed
Stay off the playing area during duels
What a Referee says goes
A Cleric Will only get to heal 8 times during a round
Every Day and Night Weapon Is banned
Meteor is banned due to its burn damage going through colos blessing
An Assassin can wear a bow but can’t shoot it
Double Ability glitch if done purposely makes your forefit the round

How To Signup
There are 2 ways to signup

  1. Have you and your teammate fill out this form
  2. Join The SoX Discord and signup from there
    Join The Discord Here

1st Place Team (Split it between each other)
Talon +7 (A Little Dirty)
8 Mushroom Soup
2 Crowns
40 Marks of Valor
2 Scarab Boots
Moko Club 16+
Pristine Sand Ravanged Scymitar
Pristine Dustworm Longbow

2nd Place Team
Black Dyed Ravanger Boots
Black Dyed Skull Mask
Fierce +16 Moko Dagger Dyed Black
Vibrant Ballista 1g
Swift Scythe 3g
2 Keen Azariahs Edges

I Hope everyone comes and has a bit of fun at our duo tournament
Good luck to everyone who signs up and hope you have fun

Sox bois

Oh yeah first one. And it’s knight gang time

Dang it

God not another tourney

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Double damage basically in Colo is unfair to the other classes

Welp, gotta make an assassin slot since meteor is my only AoE effective enough against assassins and stars are banned

Yeah i get that
All i have to say is ive tried to ban more than no shooting bows for assassins but the outcry has been too much to do so

This post was laughed at by the all vit knight gang

March 21st is a Saturday

Fixed it

You no longer have to signup for the event
Just show up the day of the event to compete

Event is tomorrow