SoX Community Recruiting For Now

“The smell of burned steel, the constant panting of breath, the sweat that runs down your face, this is the world of constant and relentless fighting, become one of us, become one of the people who fight for what little good is left in this forsaken world, or join our body count, its up to you.”

SoX Is a guild that focuses on Weekly events, making their Community as big as possible, and trying to make it a fun place to be

SoX was made November 18th So about a month ago from when i made this post and we have been surviving through what i would call “Vestaria’s Decline” Through All this we have grown at fast rates and have started to form a nice community promoting Vestaria Discussion and discussion for other games. We intend to be well known and grow further than we already have

History And Leader Stepdown

Quote’s from our old Leader Sya when he was stepping down
This basically summarizes our history besides the tourney’s we have hosted
I wanted to make a community that wasn’t bound to only the top players like alot of other guilds at the time I made SoX are, I wanted a community that would help eachother and come together for the common interest of a PvP event weekly

I never wanted to be looked at as the head of the snake that is SoX, I wanted to be seen as part of the body along with everybody else

I created SoX, and soon after added Commandoar and Quincy who I knew from a previous discord, we came to the conclusion that we wanted SoX to be big, and with the recent deletion of the mushtown server in the official Vesteria discord, it was the perfect time to make our move, we made an ad, you joined and grew us rapidly

Current Staff

Guild Leader BoomGoesLevi (Me)

Our Creator Syameon

Government Of Sox





SteamPunkers (Tech People)


Role System

This is what you will see when you first join the disc link

Serfs: This rank is for people who don’t plan on joining the server and just want to hang out and participate in events. The only requirement for this is to be verified on RoVer and ask for the Serf rank.
#Commoner: This rank is for people who would like to join SoX. Since Berezaa doesn’t want to push out the guild update this acts as a wait list. The questions are: What level is your main save? Why do you want to join SoX?
Diplomats: These are Representatives of other guilds. The requirements are to either be the owner of the guild or have permission from the owner, Have a screenshot of the ingame guild, and a permanent link to the guild’s discord server. 
#Nobles: They are the mods of the guild. The requirements are to be semi-active in the discord, have less than 2 kicks or any temp-bans on their record, and be a commoner. The questions are: Why would you like to be a mod for SoX? How long have you been in the discord? If any, what past experience do you have? Note: Kicks and Temp-Bans can be disputed and if found that they were given unfairly, will be removed from your record.
Advisors: They are the admins of the server. They hold more power than the nobles. The requirements are to be a Noble, Be very active in the discord, and have some previous experience of being a discord mod. You also need 1,000 messages in this server.
Answer 2 questions:
Why do you want to be an advisor

Any past experience you have
'Bartender: "Serve food" to people in #the-tavern. It is just a fun role you can have.'
Blacksmith: They handle the nuclear weapons referred to as commands. The requirement is to have relevant previous experience in multiple servers. You must have 1000 messages in this server. 
The questions are: 
Why do you want to be one of the most high ranked people in the server? 
Why do you want to become a blacksmith? 
What is your previous experience? 
What changes do you think need to be made on the server at this time? 

There are a couple optional roles you can grab in #react-for-roles
Veteran: These are the people who know Vesteria inside and out. They have been on the game for a while and know a lot about it.

Rookie: People who don’t know as much about Vesteria or RPGs in general.

Gladiator: These are people who get pings about Tournaments.

Question of the Day: Hardly a daily thing recently but when the higher ranks have a question we want you guys to answer, people who have this rank get pinged.

Event Pings: A ping role for other Non-Tournament events like streams and Spider Queen Speedruns.

These are currently all the roles you can apply for and more might be coming later on
The High Table is Where we Make important decisions about our guild
And higher up channels will get access to it

Our Up And Coming Events


We will Be Having events only open to people in our disc from now on
We will still be having some public evnets

*We Are Recruiting For Now*

Our Goal is to Be one of the biggest communities currently and its really easy to become a part of it For Now

When a Free Release of Vestaria comes out im planning to make requirements alot more strict to be involved in SoX
Currently all you gotta do is just Basically ask to be a visitor or We want to know who our rookies are
It’s Very Lax for now so make sure to join this link before i close it and make it more difficult to get in
Join us and Become a Part of the High Table before its Too Late

Join Our Guild Here

Join Us Before You Are Our Bounty