SoX Community Recruiting For Now

    *Welcome To The Hall*

“The smell of burned steel, the constant panting of breath, the sweat that runs down your face, this is the world of constant and relentless fighting, become one of us, become one of the people who fight for what little good is left in this forsaken world, or join our body count, its up to you.”

SoX Is a guild that focuses on BiWeekly events, making a big and tightly nit community, and trying to make it a fun place to be.

SoX was made November 18th and we have ran many events over this time including PvP events, Sq Speedruns, Hide and Seeks, We also have a bank where you can buy things and members get a discount

  1. Fill Out the Application
  2. Be at Least lvl 20 (We like to help to help our members)
  3. Be a decently active member of the Guild
  4. Be Better than the other applicants
    Being good in these 4 catagories will allow you to join our Guild

Current Staff

Boomgoeslevi (Me)

Our Original Creator


Advisors Of Sox


SteamPunkers (Tech People)

Le Goose

Discord Roles

Currently Being Reworked
Active Members = Rise Up The Ranks

We will Be Having events only open to people in our disc from now on
We will still be having some public evenets but not as many as we used to have

Join Our Discord Here

Join Us Before You Are Our Bounty