SoX Blood Bath Tournament (Closed)

Sox’s Blood Bath Tournament
The Vesteria Guild “Sox” is going to host a Free For All tournament, we are hoping that around 10 to 20 people join so feel free to enter! We are allowing everyone that attends to use any enchanted gear and the last one to stay alive in the arena wins!

Entree Fee
100s per person

This will start on December 14th, 2019
Time: 10 PM EST or 7 PM PST
Takes Place in Port Fidelio
Once you’re dead, there are no retries and there will be referee’s paying attention to who dies

No Glitches, cheating or consumables
No Teaming
No Health Potions
Banned: Rebuke + mushroom sword
Regeneration Spell is Allowed
Cannot be in the water
Only Mana pots are allowed
Listen To Referee’s

1st. Spider Queen Crown, 3 Cursed ATK, 1 Ratty vest, 25% of Entree Fee Total and a Special Role
2nd. Barbarian Sword, 1 ratty vest, 2 cursed ATK, 20% of Entree Fee Total
3rd. +8 Moko staff, 1 cursed ATK, and 1 moko club, 5% of Entree Fee Total
Donations are gladly taken

DM Buildpuncher#9537 or ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡Valiant#3333 to get registered

The Tournament is closed due to Pre-Alpha coming out and not enough participants signing up.

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We will most likely do it by a point system and do multiple rounds
Ex a kill is a point
1st would be 3 points
2nd would be 2 points
3rd would be a point
This would allow us to do multiple rounds and we will most likely do it this way

Please be 7pm D:

Why ban Rebuke? There is nothing wrong with it.

Rebuke is not banned that was a mistake

that’s what you said for every other thing that was banned

I told him nothing was banned for this it was a little mistake he gonna fix it when he is done with something i know i change things but guarenteed this tourney nothing is banned

If the fling glitch does happen would the person be able to go back in if he got flung out of world or in water?

if you are hit in the water or off the map we will let you come back to be fair

Ok thanks.

It’s called a tuaa staff btw

We will not be running this this week because of pre alpha and some things coming up so can a mod close this thread