Sorry my fellow mages. .

my bad

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Hopefully they dont patch that bug today or mages are legit fricked until the update

When you call it a patch when I think it’s a nerf. There goes one of Mage’s charms.

But half the time magic bomb yeets into the ceiling currently but at least that’ll be fixed with this massive rework

rip all of the all int mages who relied on magic bomb chaining…

Guess it’s just a balancing then :+1:

thats me ;( full intel ;( I think mages should have more skills but i guess zap is getting added but a heal skill would be nice.

I forgot to include this part, haha oops, though everyone probably agrees with Ompire, Im taking berezas word, because why wouldnt we?

shoutout to Ompire if he ever reads this


No is complete sentencings

at least you don’t know that this also applies to warriors

Partly why warriors are too too OP

i don’t forgive u