Sorcery Engineers (Sorcerer/Mage Guild)

Sorcery Engineers

The Sorcery Engineers is a Vesteria Guild made up of mages. Most of our members are Sorcerers, but we also accept Warlocks and Clerics as well. Our main focus is on exploration and experimenting with the various mage classes in the game.

We are very similar to The League of Magic in that we both find and share information regarding mages which is available to everyone who joins.

Our clan is quite small and young, but we are already at full capacity. We plan to expand with the guild expansions in which we will be taking applications to become members. We will also remove inactive members to make room for newer, more promising ones should this server gain enough traction.

Note: You can play as a different faction in another slot, the only restriction being that your primary/main slot MUST be a magic class.

  • Suzanoh - Archsage

  • VerdeMence - Sage

  • HeteroLarge - Sage

Rank Information

Archsage - The Leader of the Sorcery Engineers.

Sage - Co-Leaders of the Sorcery Engineers.

Enchanter - Members of the Sorcery Engineers with slightly more authority than Diviners. Enchanters are usually stronger than Diviners in-game as well.

Diviner - Standard members who are part of the Sorcery Engineers.

The Public - People who do not belong to the Sorcery Engineers. This role is comprised of guild ambassadors, visitors, and applicants to the Sorcery Engineers. Upon joining and verifying, you will become part of The Public.


Q: Do I need to be a mage?
A: Yes. Your primary slot must be a mage or a mage subclass. In applications, we give preference to Sorcerers, but competent Clerics or Warlocks will just as easily be accepted.

Q: Can I play other slots while in the Sorcery Engineers?
A: Yes, so long as your primary slot is a mage. VerdeMence and I like to play as Assassins as well, so we assure you that you will still be allowed to have fun. Just keep in mind the “Sorcery Engineers” guild tag will follow you to other save slots.

Q: When will applications be open?
A: We will open applications once room opens up. We plan to open them once the guild size expands or once we decide to remove inactive members.

Q: Are there any other requirements to join (besides primarily playing mage)?
A: Yes. You must have discord (though if you are here you probably have it already). We don’t have a level floor, but we would hope applicants are decently leveled and active.

Our Discord Invite:
Click here to join the Sorcery Engineers discord server.