Sorcerer vs Cleric?

I’m going crazy trying to decide. I have been reading and reading. Which do you have or would you choose…and most importantly why? I like the cleric’s healing and rebuke. I like the sorcerer’s fireball and ice ability.


TY to all in advance.

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I think most people would agree with me in saying that Sorcerer is definitely the more powerful of the two. Fireball deals a significant amount of damage and has a ridiculous range, and frostcall also shares those same points.

Cleric is pretty much entirely support, but it’s a lot harder to grind up. Your main damage abilities will still be your mage abilities (specifically Magic Bomb and Thundercall) and you’ll basically be relying on weapon perks and skill variants to get you through the first while. On the other hand, you also get the ability to heal and even revive others, which could be good if you enjoy playing a supporting role rather than a heavy damaging one.

Really, it’s up to you. If you prefer to deal a bunch of damage, go Sorcerer. If you prefer playing a support role and helping others, go Cleric.

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TY! I think I’m going to go sorcerer. I like both, but in the end, I think I will enjoy sorcerer more.

isn’t rebuke paladin’s?

Cleric does not have Rebuke, that is Paladin.

Clerics have Heal (a golden circle with a star-like shape in the middle), Res (the icon, more or less), and Flare (big burst of golden light, medium aoe dmg and low healing).

I think it’s important to mention that Cleric can RESURRECT people after they die.

If that sounds good, go Cleric. No other class can do that.

ty. i got the name wrong. I liked the skill though. I ended up on a server with tons of mages…all but one said sorcerer. So I went with that.

Thank you all for your help!!