Sorcerer or Cleric?

Im back! Now, Sorcerer or Cleric?
If you can, state the advantages and disadvantages for both!

State your opinions below!

As of right now, Cleric is the better choice. Cleric’s Holy Magic ability buffs them above other mages, whilst it can heal and deal wide-ranged damage with Flare, and another separate healing ability which make them near invincible.

Sorcerer, the class that’s supposed to be the DPS mage, is outshadowed. However Sorcerer’s ice ability works well to grind, deals good damage, and has unlimited vertical range.

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Thank you! Though, when the time comes, its gonna be so hard for me to choose

If and when the ‘die noob get teleported back to your tree of life baby’ update happens, Cleric is gonna come in handy. Imagine charging 10 silver per resurrect! I mean, self heal is super useful, but comes at a cost of little to no new offensively viable skills. Flare is usable but trash still.
Sorcerer is underpowered in terms of any ability except Frostcall. I’ve seen that thing 1 shot a bunch of Moglokos and it recharges like a greased monkey.

Cleric would probably be the most practical choice due to the new update.

I’d just say get both i see 0 downsides of having both sorcerer and cleric tbh