Sorcerer Abilities improvement

What do you guys think? if it gets positives attention ill make it about the rest of the classes.

  • Icecall: Give Icecall way faster cast time, Extra perk levels: Level 5 icecall would slow the target and reduced the targets movment speed for 3 seconds, level 10 ice call would have 20% chance of freezing the target for 3 seconds.

  • Earthcall replacment: Lightning beam: an abbility that you’d need to hold up, that will cost 25 mana per second and will damage the target 3 times per second, its abbility will start of with 100 power. 1 level increases the damage while the second level increases the reach of it. You can move during this but your movment gets reduced by 75%. Example of how it would look:

i already quit because of rebirth O_O

I don’t think sorcerers will need a buff considering that they can get anything far range, mid range and short range.

All I want is to be able to move right after you cast ice call

waiting for every single icicle to fall before I can run or jump again is extremely painful

Its optional, you dont have to.

Sorcerers are in a pretty good spot rn. I’d rate them 3rd best sub after ranger and beserker. I don’t see a need to buff.

Damn boomer.Cant keep up with the times.Ur time is up slow man

However, a bad ability is a bad ability. Though we can agree that abilites like Meteor Strike is good , we are here for the smooth gameplay of newer players, meaning if they thought Earth Call was good, it may dissapoint them when they realize it is not.